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07/20/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 07/21/2021 10:43

Fortinet and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Partnership Offers Customers Reliable Cloud Security and Performance

The new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Flexible Network Load Balancer is ideal for increasing the security and reliability of workloads and applications running in OCI. Fortinet's FortiGate Next Generation Firewall and FortiWeb WAF have long been available in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for securing applications. Oracle's new load balancing solution provides a cloud native means to scale those solutions and to ensure their availability and performance.

Oracle's New Flexible Network Load Balancing Secured by Fortinet

OCI already offers a layer 4 (TCP) and layer 7 (HTTP) proxy-based load balancer. The new Flexible Network Load Balancer solution complements this with a non-proxy load balancing solution that performs pass-through load balancing of layer 3 and layer 4 (TCP/UDP/ICMP) workloads. As a result, the Flexible Network Load Balancer can deploy and scale virtual appliances, including the security appliances such as the Fortinet FortiGate NGFW. The combination of the FortiGate along with the Flexible Network Load Balancer creates a highly available and scalable security solution appropriate for protecting mission critical workloads. Additional security can be achieved through the use of the FortiWeb Cloud Web Application Firewall as a Service.

Load balancing has long been used to improve the distribution of workloads across computing resources, such as servers, a computer cluster, network links, central processing units, or disk drives. Load balancing aims to optimize resource use, maximize throughput, minimize response time, and avoid overload of any single resource. Using multiple components with load balancing instead of a single component may increase reliability and availability through redundancy. Network load balancers provide service discovery, health checks of available servers and their underlying hardware and balance traffic between backends based on the health and performance metrics. Some advanced load balancers, such as FortiADC, add security services such as IPS, URL checking, DDoS prevention web application firewall (WAF).

Extending Fortinet's Partnership with OCI