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07/25/2017 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 07/26/2017 08:55

Bozhidar Danev: Bulgaria is a socio-economic and a law phenomenon in Europe

There was a deep constructive conversation, in which we shared some of our certain positions towards politics, connected to the income of the population and to the ones working at the economical sphere. This meeting was provoked by the intense attitude between syndicates and employers. This is what Bozhidar Danev, during the broadcast of 'The world is business' with host - Ivaylo Lakov. He said that in addition to the meeting of the employers' organization with the premiere Borisov. The meeting was called so that they would suggest changes in the way the salary in Bulgaria is formed.

'What we want as employers is more Europe. Not only to have similar laws, but to also put them into practice.' - said Danev.

According to his words, Bulgaria is socio - economic phenomenon in Europe, because there is no other country in Europe where people have minimum insurance income, class years of service, administrative decision of the minimal and the maximum pension.

In his opinion we are an absolute exception and we do not have to wonder why Bulgaria takes a marginal position in the European family.

'In 2016, the average salary has risen with 9.08%. The gross domestic product has risen with only 3.6%. This means that we are chasing after certain European standart without the relevant economic development and the productivity of labour. ' - added Danev.