Mo Brooks

01/25/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 01/26/2021 09:23

Congressman Mo Brooks Cosponsors 'Pro-Science' Bill that Protects Female Athletes from Being Forced to Compete Against Males Who Pretend to be Female

Washington, DC- Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) is an original cosponsor of Congressman Marjorie Taylor-Greene's (GA-14) bill, the Protecting Women and Girls in Sports Act of 2021. This straightforward and short bill clarifies Title IX, the women's sports statute, prevents males from pretending to be females in order to compete against females.

Congressman Brooks said, 'There are numerous examples of men pretending to be women in order to compete against and beat women in sports contests. Take for example the biological male who easily won the 2019 NCAA Division II championship in women's hurdles, beating his female opponents by more than a second.[1] In 2017, a man set new masters powerlifting world records for women while competing at the World Masters Games in Auckland, New Zealand.[2] Two boys won first and second place in Connecticut's state championship titles in girls' track events. This disturbing trend of males competing in female sports threatens to upend women's sports completely.[3] I won't stand by and go along with this science denial nonsense.'

Brooks concluded, 'Girls are being robbed of college scholarship opportunities and will be robbed of the virtues learned from fair play competition like perseverance, teamwork, and determination- let alone the victories they work hard to earn. Letting men compete in women's sports isn't progress, it is a major step backwards and it ought to stop. People should compete in sports according to their biological sex. Anyone who argues differently is a science denier, plain and simple.'