The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

09/17/2021 | Press release | Archived content

In Krasnoyarsk Territory, law enforcement officers rescued 85-year-old woman and her son from burning house

At night, while on the patrol route, the inspector of the detached company of the PPSP of the MIA of Russia Inter-Municipal Division 'Minusinsky' police lieutenant Aleksandr Bely and a policeman of the detached company of the PPSP of the MIA of Russia Inter-Municipal Division 'Minusinsky' police sergeant Konstantin Filippov received a message from the duty-unit that a wooden apartment building was burning in the old part of Minusinsk.

The police officers immediately arrived to the scene. Upon arrival, the police saw that the tenants had already left the house. One of them told the police that an elderly woman born in 1936 and her son born in 1963 did not leave one of the apartments. Looking into the apartment through the window, the police saw that the man was trying to break the glass from the inside with the help of improvised means, since the entrance to the apartment was engulfed in fire.

At this point of time, an employee of the non-departmental security unit of the Rosgvardia Department for the Krasnoyarsk Territory arrived and broke the glass with the help of an assault rifle butt. Police and Rosgvardia officers climbed through the window into the apartment. First of all, they evacuated the 85-year-old woman, since she could not move independently. Law enforcement officers handed over the victim through the window to policeman Konstantin Filippov, after which the 58-year-old man was evacuated from the apartment in the same way.

The man and his mother were hospitalized. Currently, the man is in a medical institution, the elderly woman was discharged from the hospital.