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09/16/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 09/16/2021 20:22

When Should You Install a Pool Cover?

Fall is the time of year where perhaps you're swimming a bit on the extra warm days, and on other days, you're simply enjoying the beauty of your pool.

So, you might be wondering when it's the best, or most appropriate, time to use a pool cover.

In this article, we answer the question, 'When should you install a pool cover?'

Why is a Cover Necessary?

First, let's look at why you need one in the first place. There are several important reasons:

  • It provides safety. A safety cover keeps children and pet out of your pool.
  • A cover prevents leaves and debris from getting into the pool.
  • If you close it properly and add a few chemicals in the winter, you'll have a much easier pool opening.

Knowing that, we also know if you're like us, we often procrastinate. So, when is the best time?

The Best Time to Install a Cover

We recommend adding your pool cover at least before or around the time you close your pool.

Some of you may have a cover on your pool already, but for those of you that don't this is a good rule of thumb. You can also install a cover before the leaves fall and save yourself a lot of headaches cleaning the pool.

Most people install their covers in Kansas between September and October. If you have any questions about the best time for your pool, please contact our expert staff.