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Sustainable in 2022? 5 Companies to Watch

Sustainable in 2022? 5 Companies to Watch

December 8, 2021

Almost 12 years ago-having already been screening global companies for environmental risk and opportunity for 11 years-Tony Tursich and Jim Madden published a list of "the top 10 green companies for 2011." It was a point-in-time report from the portfolio management team of one of the country's few environmentally-conscious funds. In 2010, Tursich and Madden were managing money for Portfolio 21 while today they lead the Calamos Sustainable Equity team (read more).

5 Sustainable Companies to Watch in 2022

  • Croda
  • Darling Ingredients Inc.
  • Jeronimo Martins
  • Kering
  • Generac

Almost no one describes companies as "green" anymore. ESG funds now number in the hundreds, with more launched every month. In the years since their original list was published, sustainable equity investing has gradually become mainstream, thanks to broader public awareness, regulation and climate change itself.

With their 30 years of expertise, Tursich and Madden have a perspective few others can offer about global equity opportunities. So, as 2021 draws to a close, we've asked the team to again provide a list for the new year. If you're expecting to read about hydrogen-powered cars or wind turbines, you may be in for a surprise. As Tursich has explained, the team concluded long ago that thematic investment strategies aren't the way to invest in ESG (see interview).

Over time, Madden says, "As investors, we have been especially interested in the way companies have adapted, or not, to the evolving landscape of natural capital constraints. Success has come to those who understood the environmental risks but, maybe more so, taken advantage of the emerging environmental opportunities. Below are some lesser-known companies who effectively adapted their business models during the last 10 years, increasing their probability of success in 2022 and beyond."



Cowick Hill, UK

Creates and sells innovative, sustainable, high performance specialty chemicals relied on by industries and consumers.

2022 growth drivers:

  • Further upside in COVID-19 and non-COVID opportunities for Life Sciences division
  • Company's natural feedstock products continue to take market share

As consumer demand for natural products has grown, Croda has shifted its business focus to meet the needs of its customers, including Unilever and Procter & Gamble. By 2030, over 75% of the company's organic raw materials by weight will be bio-based.

This business model move has been driven by a decade of strategic acquisitions and organizational restructuring. In addition to these acquisitions, Croda continued to develop its sustainability credentials. In 2020, the company launched its Purpose, Smart science to improve lives™. Part of this initiative included its new sustainability commitment "to become the most sustainable supplier of innovative ingredients, providing solutions to some of the world's biggest challenges in the coming decades."

Croda recognizes that its business model, built on bio-based raw materials that absorb carbon from the atmosphere, will eliminate four times more carbon emissions from the atmosphere than the company emits across its entire operations and supply chain.

Darling Ingredients, Inc.

Darling Ingredients Inc. (NYSE:DAR)

Irving, Texas

The world's leading innovative developer and producer of sustainable organic ingredients.

2022 growth drivers:

  • Increasing free cash flow contribution from Diamond Green Diesel
  • Continued recognition of the company's unique, circular, vertically integrated business model

Darling's business model has also been steeped in sustainability, transforming edible and inedible residual bionutrients into valued resources. But the company has not always marketed itself as an environmental leader. In fact, in 2017, as part of the Sustainable Equities team's due diligence, the team met with Darling to better understand the company's business model and to encourage the company to begin disclosing its resource conservation initiatives and associated impacts.

However, more impressive than the company's improved disclosures are the company's continued commitment to converting waste stream into value-added ingredients for health, nutrients and bioenergy. Through tactical joint ventures and acquisitions such as its 2009, Darling JV with Valero Energy Corporation and Diamond Green Diesel, Darling has built renewable diesel production facilities capable of producing hundreds of millions of gallons per year from animal fats, used cooking oil and inedible corn oil; waste streams acquired via other calculated acquisitions.

Jeronimo Martins

Jeronimo Martins

Lisbon, Portugal

A 225-year-old international group whose primary business is food distribution in Portugal, Poland and Colombia.

2022 growth drivers:

  • Larger contribution from improving Colombian operations
  • Possible expansion into new geography

Jeronimo Martins is a Portuguese food retailer with a history dating back to 1792. Its evolution, expansion and rebranding has been extensive, and the company has demonstrated progress and future commitment to the area of sustainable sourcing. For instance, they've seen a 300%-plus increase in the number of products with sustainability certificates from 2016 to 2020.

The company is committed to guaranteeing that 80% of its food product purchases are sourced from local suppliers. In 2020, the goal was exceeded, achieving around 90%. The company also works to certify high impact commodities such as palm oil, paper and wood, beef and soy. For instance, to promote sustainable sourcing of palm oil, the company is a Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) member. Less than 1% of its beef comes from countries at risk of deforestation.



Paris, France

A global Luxury group, Kering manages the development of a series of Houses in Fashion, Leather Goods, Jewelry and Watches including Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, and Balenciaga.

2022 growth drivers:

  • Recovery of Gucci momentum
  • Continued diversification as other brands continue to show strength

As the parent of Gucci, Kering has continually developed and evolved, ultimately becoming a pure player in Luxury in 2018. Three years earlier, the company developed and launched its environmental profit and loss methodology (EP&L). EP&L is a tool that enables the company to measure the impact of an economic activity on the environment, applying financial metrics.

According to the company, "Kering can thus use the EP&L to guide its sustainability strategy, improve its processes and supply sources, and choose the best-adapted technologies." The development and subsequent implementation and application of this methodology makes Kering a leader in quantifying environmental risks and opportunities, a fundamental component of the Sustainable Equities investment philosophy.


Generac (NYSE: GNRC)

Waukesha, WI

A leading global designer and manufacturer of a wide range of energy technology solutions, providing power generation equipment, energy storage systems, grid service solutions, and other power products to the residential, light commercial and industrial markets.

2022 growth drivers:

  • Clearing of large backlog due to high demand, supply chain issues
  • Continued customer demand for company's energy technology offerings

With growing awareness of the impacts that climate change and extreme weather is having, Generac is transforming its business model to be an energy solutions provider. As back-up power systems become more of a requirement and less of an option, the company's product portfolio is evolving to include new products such as solar battery power systems.

With trailblazers Tursich and Madden part of the Calamos Investment team since August 2021, US, international and global sustainable equities strategies are now available. Additional offerings are planned.

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