City of Dallas, TX

11/27/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 11/27/2021 13:48

DAS Update 11/27

There are a few reasons that feeding treats from the hand is a bad idea. Unless you're stopping and washing your hands in between each dog, you are likely spreading germs through the shelter. It could be a simple doggy cold that you're carrying kennel to kennel, or it could be something more serious like distemper.

Feeding treats from the hand can also lead to tooth scratches or bites. An overly excited dog may not grab that treat as gingerly as you expect, and even an unintentional bite or scratch requires a 10 day quarantine. We should do everything we can to avoid putting DAS dogs in a position where they may accidentally bite or scratch us, so dropping treats on the floor or sliding them under the kennel door is a much safer delivery method!