The President of Russia

06/13/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 06/13/2019 04:58

Vladimir Putin’s interview to Mir Interstate Television and Radio Company

Question: Good afternoon, Mr President.

I would like to thank you for agreeing to this interview. We are meeting ahead of your visit to Kyrgyzstan, where a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) will take place.

Our television and radio company broadcasts in almost all SCO member states, except China. Therefore, we know that most of our viewers consider the SCO to be something positive.

At the same time, most of them do not know what it is and what its purpose is. Could you please explain in a few words what the SCO is and what objectives do Russia and its allies set for the organisation at the present stage?

Vladimir Putin: The SCO is an international organisation that was created in the mid-1990s. This was related to the need to settle border issues between Russia, China and several republics of the former Soviet Union: Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

After that, when this work was successfully completed and brought good practical results, we came to a conclusion that this format should be preserved and that a new status should be given to it. Namely, the status of an organisation that would be charged with the development of relations in various areas and directions. This is what happened.

To be continued.