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04/08/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 04/08/2021 03:14

Unit 4 of Dukovany nuke plant is back online

Dukovany (South Moravia), April 8 (CTK) - Unit 4 of the Dukovany nuclear power plant resumed operation at night after a shutdown that was made for fuel replacement, servicing and machinery check on February 12, and all four units of the plant are now working, Dukovany spokesman Jiri Bezdek told CTK today.

Dukovany is expected to reach full capacity by the end of this week, Bezdek said.

Controlled fission reaction was renewed on Monday.

Tests showed that machinery operation is safe and reliable, Dukovany head Roman Havlin said.

The unit started supplying electricity to the grid early today and the shutdown ended with a generator reconnection at 8:54.

The next shutdown for fuel replacement is scheduled to start in May and it will concern unit 3.

During the unit 4 shutdown, technicians replaced 90 fuel assemblies and did work on the primary and secondary circuits.

The plant managed to complete all planned tasks, checks and repairs before Easter, Havlin said.

The shutdown was made with anti-coronavirus measures in place. Dukovany employs 1,430 people and its contractors are also tested.

Dukovany has an installed output of 2,040 megawatts, which covers 20 percent of Czechia's electricity consumption. Its four units were launched in 1985-1987.