Taichung City Government

08/08/2018 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 08/07/2018 21:47

Japanese Senators visited Taichung Mayor Lin invited them to join in Flora Expo

Japanese Senator, Takinami Hirofumi yesterday (2nd ) led the group to visit Taichung City Government, they were highly welcome by Mayor Chia-lung Lin. They've exchanged a lot of experiences on agricultural and economic topics. Mayor Lin has invited Senator Takinami to join in Taichung Flora Expo and Senator Takinami showed high level of interests. He asked if it's possible to have the exhibition in Flora Expo and hope to facilitate the further agricultural collaboration and communication between Taiwan and Japan. Besides, Senator Takinami supports Mayor Lin on Taichung will appeal to take the right to host East Asian Youth Games back. Though it's not an easy job, he still hope Taichung would continue to make efforts on it.

Japanese Senator, Takinami Hirofumi, Yoshikawa Yuum, Onoda Kimi and Michitarō Watanabe visited the City Government yesterday. And Mayor Lin was accompanied by the Director of Economic Affairs Development Bureau, Yao-ji Lu, Director of Agricultural Bureau, Jun-hsiung Wang and Director of Tourism and Traveling Bureau, Shen-Shan Chen in addition to the Executive Secretary of Houli, Wufeng, Wuji, Daya, Fengyuan Districts to attend the event and greet the. They have discussed a lot about agricultural, economic and educational development lively.

Mayor Lin said, Fukui Ken and Taiwan have had some exchanges on agriculture. Since Taichung will conduct Taichung World Flora Expo on 3rd November, the collaboration between Taiwan and Japan is expected during the six months of exhibition period. It will help to facilitate the relationship between us. The Koshihikari rice grown in Fukui Ken and Black Dragon Sake etc. are all very famous as Taichung is an important place to grow rice and brew wine so this would be a good opportunity for both to share the agricultural products with each other.

Mayor Lin has mentioned that Japanese NHK will conduct the orchids gardening art competition of Japan and Taiwan in the Park of Flora Expo, there are more than 20 Governors or Mayors will attend the opening ceremony of Flora Expo and sign up to「Taichung declaration」 to support Taichung to deliver the belief behind the Flora Expo. Some Japanese cities like Nagoya, Ehime and Oita have confirmed to participate in the exhibitions. This is an international Flora Expo event and he welcome Fukui Ken to join in the exhibition in Taichung.

SenatorTakinami Hirofumi said, both of us are getting closer, the agricultural unions of Fukui Ken and Wufeng have had some communications now and he received the invitation of Taichung Flora Expo. He agrees to have the exhibition in Flora Expo and will discuss more on the contents and the related approaches.

Besides, as Taichung was canceled the right to host East Asian Youth Games so Senator Takinami Hirofumi said this kind of behavior has been against the consensus on freedom, democracy and human rights. He supports the action Mayor Lin would like to take though it's not easy. He hopes we will continue to work on it.