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07/09/2018 | News release | Archived content

Kicking aflatoxin out of Burkina Faso’s food with Aflasafe BF01

9 July 2018

OUAGADOUGOU, BURKINA FASO, 26th June 2018 - Today, Aflasafe BF01 was officially launched in Burkina Faso to fight aflatoxin in the country's food. Aflatoxin is a real and present danger - but tests have shown that Aflasafe BF01, the product specially tailored for Burkina Faso, reduces aflatoxin in maize and groundnuts by about 96% at harvest time. These two crops, which are staples on Burkinabe tables, are particularly vulnerable to aflatoxin. Groundnuts and maize also underpin the agricultural economy.

Tasteless, odourless and undetectable by the naked eye, aflatoxin is a hidden killer, causing liver cancer, weakening of the immune system, and stunted growth in children. By lowering the amount of the toxin in food to within safe levels, Aflasafe can alleviate grave and widespread health consequences as well as opening up new markets and income opportunities. Though it is applied in the field while crops are still growing, safeguarding them from the beginning, Aflasafe's protection also continues long after harvest, with studies revealing an aflatoxin reduction of 94% even after storage in poor humid conditions.

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