South Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Council

07/05/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 07/05/2019 03:38

South Tyneside Council is Going Greener

South Tyneside Council plans to further boost its green credentials by building an on-site recycling facility in the Borough.

The new provision, which will provide a local drop-off point for up to 20,000 tonnes of material annually, will reduce impact on the environment as well as saving hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

Blue bin household recycling is currently taken to Gateshead for sorting and decontamination before being sent on for disposal.

The new transfer station will allow material to be sorted on-site, which will save 140,000 litres of fuel and cut vehicle emissions by 400 tonnes per year. It will also improve quality and reduce contamination before onward processing.

The roof space of the new building will be used for solar panels, and water from the roof will be used as a water supply for mechanical brushes.

The facility will also save an estimated £275,000 in staffing and transport costs, as well as fines incurred because of contamination.

Cllr Joan Atkinson, Lead Member for Area Management and Community Safety, said: 'Already, less than one per cent of South Tyneside's waste is sent to landfill - a reduction from 66 per cent in 2010.

'However there is always room for improvement; we strive for environmental excellence and are committed to reducing our overall carbon footprint.

'Waste will no longer have to be taken to Gateshead and back which will reduce the impact on the environment with fewer vehicle emissions.

'The new build will also offer much better value for money.'

Hall Construction Services Ltd has been appointed to design and build the new facility at Middlefields, South Shields.

Construction of the new plant is expected to begin later this year.

Cllr Atkinson added: 'We're pleased to welcome Hall Construction Services, who were selected after a tender exercise to design and build the new facility.

'We continue to deliver innovative energy solutions and increased use of renewable technologies to reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions.'

Stephen Bromley, Business Development Manager at Hall Construction Services Limited, said: 'We're pleased to be awarded this contract through the NEPO Building framework and the project team is really looking forward to working with South Tyneside Council on the new facility at the Middlefields depot.'

The council will remain in the Strategic Waste Partnership with Gateshead and Sunderland councils.

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