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10/13/2021 | Press release | Archived content

Evonik makes its debut at Tokyo Agri Week

Press release
Animal Nutrition
October 13, 2021

Evonik makes its debut at Tokyo Agri Week

  • System solutions for efficient and sustainable livestock farming
  • Focus on the entire value chain of animal protein production
  • Focus on gut health of broilers, layers and swine

Essen, Germany. For the first time, Evonik will have its own booth at the Tokyo Livestock Show, part of Tokyo Agri Week from October 13 to 15, where it will present system solutions for sustainable livestock farming. Evonik aims to meet farmers, consultants, integrators, and veterinarians at the show.

"To meet today's challenges in agricultural animal husbandry, several adjusting screws must be turned simultaneously: animal health, animal nutrition and farm management," says Mitsuru Hori, Business Director Japan & South Korea for the Animal Nutrition business line of Evonik.

Starting with feed additives such as amino acids, Evonik has therefore greatly expanded its range of products for the livestock industry in recent years, in order to contribute to efficient, sustainable, and high-quality production of meat, eggs, and dairy products at various points along the value chain.

Take Gut Health Solutions, for example: "Gut health is a key factor when it comes to keeping animals healthy without the use of antibiotics and at the same time operating sustainably and profitably," says Hori. "Performance can only be successfully stabilized with holistic approaches."

Evonik's knowledge-based system solutions for the gut health of broilers, layers and swine include a tailored combination of feeding concepts, amino acids, probiotics, services and advice, depending on the individual needs and challenges of the customers.

Evonik will present all these components at the Tokyo Livestock Show: from MetAMINO® to GuanAMINO®, from GutCare® to GutPlus®, from AMINODat® 6.0 to AMINONIR® Portable - and last but not least Porphyrio®, a tool for precision livestock farming in the poultry sector.

For dairy farming, Evonik's product range includes the rumen-protected methionine derivative Mepron® and AMINOCow® for determining the optimal feed composition. In addition, the topic of sustainability will occupy a large space at the Evonik booth
No. 6-52.