The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

10/12/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/13/2021 02:52

In Astrakhan, police officers rescued from fire resident blocked in burning summer house

The investigative and operational group of the Police Division No. 2 servicing the Leninsky District of the city of Astrakhan, when following along the route, received a message about a night fire in a two-story summer house.

Knowing well the territory of the district, the policeman-driver Timur Nuradinov proceeded via the shortest route through country roads to the horticultural partnership indicated as the address of the building in the Topolinaya Roscha District. Arriving at the scene, the senior officer of the group responsible duty-officer for the district division Yuri Zhuravlev found out that in the yard, there was a citizen affected by carbon monoxide and on the second floor of the building - his 55-year-old mother - the mistress of the house was suffocating from smoke and heat. She could not leave the house on her own, since the exit was blocked by fire. The only possible way for evacuation was the window opening, which, however, was closed by a metal bar. The Police secured the tow rope to the police car, tore off the bar and rescued the woman.

Having provided the victims with first aid, the officers helped the arrived fire brigades in extinguishing the fire.

The leadership of the Department of the MIA of Russia for the Astrakhan Region decided to award police lieutenant colonel Yuri Zhuravlev, police driver Sergeant of the Police Timur Nuradinov, criminal investigation officer police captain Radmir Isaev, investigator Captain of the Justice Daniya Dzhunusova, forensic expert Major of the Police Khalida Kenzhigoraeva and inspector-cynologist Senior Lieutenant of the Police Olga Uymenova for saving a person in a situation involving direct risk to life.