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04/28/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 04/28/2021 04:48

European Reliance - Award Ceremony for the top Insurance Agents of 2020

The Company organized with great success the award ceremony for the top productive Insurance Agents for 2020, in a specially designed digital platform. The ceremony attended more than 1,200 Insurance Agents of the Company from all over Greece.

The coordinator of the event was Mr. George Gkotzageorgis, Director of the Marketing and Sales Network Department, who made the first greeting, congratulating the successful candidates who managed through the difficulties of the pandemic to complete with success their precious tasks.

Ms. Vasiliki Roussi, Commercial Director, greeted the participants and gave her warm greeting to the successful candidates. Ms. Roussi added that European Reliance is the only leader Greek insurance company that will continue to operate as a model for its organization, that is based exclusively on its Sales Network. She wished the successful candidates to achieve all their objectives in the future years, stating that European Reliance has the financial strength and the technological expertise to always stand by the side of the Insurance Intermediary.

Mr. Nikolaos Chalkiopoulos, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Insurance Operation Officer, congratulated the successful candidates and the Sales Network, that brought to the Company at its best financial state since its first establishment. He added that the objectives were achieved, despite the contradictions of the pandemic and this is not only a great achievement but clearly shows the path for the future.

Mr. Stefanos Verzovitis, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors & Chief Financial Officer, closed the series of speeches. After congratulating the successful candidates, he referred to the notable behavior and personal responsibility that the Sales Network and the In-house personnel showed during the management of the pandemic. In the end of his speech, Mr. Verzovitis added that the great results, not only created record amounts of profit for the Company, but were the main cause for the increase of the Solvency Ratio, even in higher levels.

Right after the first speeches and greetings, the top Insurance Agents of 2020 were awarded. The Sales Directors, the Regional Directors and the Directors of the Retail Offices had the opportunity to distribute the awards to the successful candidates and congratulate them for the distinctions in the future.
The award winners expressed their gratitude for the overall support of the Company in every step of their effort, stating that this award is the step for new beginnings.

It is worth noting that during the intermission of these two parts of the ceremony, Mr. Nikos Morakis, Chief Editor of Morax Media, made a speech, under the title 'Insurance Marketing Tools 2021 - The communication tools of the modern Insurance Agent'. In this presentation, Mr. Morakis, referred to the modern trends of Marketing and Communication in the Insurance Sector, the new digital tools and practices, that the Insurance Intermediaries may integrate in their daily communication with the public.

The ceremony ended with a speech by the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Christos Georgakopoulos, who declared: 'It is a high honor for the Management of the Company to distribute these awards to its Insurance Agents, since through this award the precious and unique work of the Insurance Intermediary is acknowledged. It is a precious work that all of us acknowledge in European Reliance. Warm congratulations to each one of you separately for the distinctions that you achieved and we remain certain that you will continue moving towards the same direction and with similar successful results'.

European Reliance will continue to stand by its Insurance Agents, providing modern training methods, precious digital tools and every strong effort, to facilitate their everyday task. The Company, proud for its Sales Network, will continue to have as top growth level for the promotion of its Operations, the Insurance Intermediary.