Shanghai Municipal Government

07/08/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 07/07/2019 19:39

Fines for failure to comply with garbage sorting

Shanghai's urban management and law enforcement officials have imposed fines in 190 cases for violations of the city's new domestic garbage management regulations.

Among them, 62.1 percent were related to failure to install garbage-sorting containers, and 35.8 percent were for failure to sort and dump trash correctly, according to the Shanghai Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau.

The rest were for irregularities in collecting and transporting domestic garbage. In 15 cases, individuals were fined.

A total of 9,600 inspections of garbage sorting have been conducted as of Saturday since July 1, covering more than 12,800 units including residential complexes, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals and industrial parks and more than 8,200 individuals, according to the bureau.

In total, people found with garbage-sorting irregularities in 6,704 cases, involving both companies and individuals, were educated and persuaded, according to the bureau.

In 2,552 cases involving working units and 815 cases involving individuals, rectification notices were issued.

They will face further administrative punishment for failure to fix the problems.

Yesterday the bureau conducted a swoop inspection of domestic garbage collection and transportation companies.

The Shanghai Yangpu Environmental Development Co was issued a rectification notice for mixed collection and transportation of domestic garbage.

At a garbage compression station on Jingyu Rd S., inspectors found serious mixing of domestic garbage. The company was ordered to rectify within three days.

The Yangpu Jingyu Wet Market opposite the station in Yangpu District was also issued with a rectification notice. Its bins for wet trash were full of plastic bags.

A domestic garbage compression station on Hengshui Road in Hongkou District was found to have a good performance during the inspection as wet and dry trash was transported and handled separately.

'Garbage sorting has improved significantly this week since the regulations came into effect,' said Lu Yong, a worker responsible for garbage transportation of the station.

In addition, the amount of dry trash has also been reduced by more than 10 barrels after the regulations went into effect from the previous 160 barrels daily, he said.

A total of 138 inspections were conducted citywide on domestic garbage collection and transportation companies between Monday and Saturday. Four companies are being investigated for mixed transportation, garbage scattering and leakage, and signage problem, according to the bureau.

'Supervision and management over the whole process of domestic garbage sorting will be beefed up in the next phase, covering collection, transportation, and treatment,' said He Yujun, an inspector with the bureau.

Inspection frequency will be increased for shopping malls, enterprises and residential complexes where problems are found.

Inspections covering 230 domestic garbage collection and transportation companies citywide will be enhanced this month to prevent mixed collection and transportation.

In August, checks on the treatment of domestic garbage will be enhanced, targeting 10 big garbage transit companies and 10 treatment enterprises in the city to crack down on mixed compression and treatment of already sorted garbage.