Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

09/09/2020 | News release | Distributed by Public on 09/09/2020 03:46

In the Astrakhan region, the crews of 'Iskander' units of the Southern Military District struck the objects of a mock enemy with cruise missiles

09.09.2020 (11:12)

In the Astrakhan region, the crews of the missile unit of the 49th combined arms army of the Southern Military District, which is armed with the 'Iskander' operational-tactical missile system, have worked out the destruction of critical objects of a mock enemy. About 50 pieces of equipment were involved in the event.

During the exercise, the MSRBM 'Iskander' crews marched to the designated area along dirt roads and rough terrain, overcoming natural obstacles, conditionally infected areas, and maneuvering in a limited space.

In the designated area, the rocket men deployed the complexes on unprepared positions. Combat crews of the unit checked the operability of the missile systems, and also performed their reloading to the launchers using transport-loading vehicles.

Having received the coordinates of the targets, the MSRBM 'Iskander' crews destroyed the command posts and satellite communication nodes of the mock enemy with training (electronic) launches of cruise missiles.

In addition, the rocket men completed a set of tasks to repeatedly change starting positions, repelled the attack of a mock sabotage and reconnaissance group, and provided camouflage for the launchers against modern enemy reconnaissance equipment.