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IMO compliant Essar Shipping sails into 2020

IMO compliant Essar Shipping sails into 2020

Jan 6th, 2020

While ships have always been a more sustainable way to transport commodities as compared with other alternatives, increased trade volumes in the shipping sector are leading to high emissions, and a negative impact of the environment. The fuel used in ships contain sulphur which ends up in ship emissions, and this causes adverse effects on humans and environment alike. While sulphur emissions can cause respiratory problems and lung diseases in humans, it can also lead to acid rain, which can harm crops, forests, aquatic species, and can also lead to the acidification of oceans!

As waterways increased as the preferred mode of cargo transportation, carrying more than 10 billion tons of trade in 2016 (according to UNCTAD), the dangers of pollution and the resultant climate change became evident. The International Maritime Organisation (IMO), a specialised agency of the United Nations (UN) that promotes maritime safety and monitors marine & atmospheric pollution by ships, realised the importance of putting in place regulations for energy efficiency in the sector. Hence, last year IMO mandated the cutting down of sulphur content in bunker fuel to 0.5% (down from 3.5%) by January 2020. This could either be done by using IMO 2020 compliant fuel (0.5% sulphur) or installing scrubbers into the vessels which would use older fuel (3.5% sulphur).

Essar Shipping, India's second largest private sector shipping company (by tonnage), has always been an active participant in ensuring greener and cleaner operations in shipping. In fact, all of Essar Shipping's minicapes are holders of Green Passports, certified by ABS. Extending support towards this decision of ensuring more environment-firendly operations, all 12 vessels of Essar Shipping have been made compliant with the IMO norms. The fleet has been cleaned and are using IMO 2020 compliant fuel from 1st January 2020.

Essar Shipping is proud to be actively participating in the worldwide effort to protect marine life, and the health of people, especially the

communities living close to ports.