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10/27/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/28/2021 09:31

Rockwell Automation Boosts Productivity by Combining Process Control and Power Data

New communication module gives industrial operators visibility into their IEC 61850 intelligent electronic devices

Mining, metals, and oil and gas producers can improve productivity of legacy equipment with the new ProSoft IEC 61850 client communication module for ControlLogix systems from Rockwell Automation.

The module allows ControlLogix control systems to interface with 61850 intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) to deliver critical equipment control and energy consumption information. This visibility can help management teams immediately improve production efficiency and optimize power use.

Industrial producers rely on hundreds of power protection relays or IEDs from manufacturers of motors, fans, conveyors, crushers, ovens, and other equipment. The IEC 61850 communication module supports a standardized data structure across these devices.

The module also supports up to 40 IEDs on a parallel redundancy protocol (PRP)-enabled network and up to 225 input/output (I/O) connections. And it features a generic object-oriented substation event (GOOSE) publisher to support GOOSE messaging. The GOOSE publisher provides a mechanism to interlock relays or load shed using the IEC 61850 communications network and helps eliminate hard wiring to the I/O modules.

Producers can also connect their enterprise with the PlantPAx system add-on profile and custom-generated add-on instruction. The system integrates seamlessly into the Studio 5000 environment from Rockwell Automation to automatically build complex user-defined data types and Studio 5000 tags based on an IEC 61850 network configuration.

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