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RUHS Students to receive mayoral commendation for work on homeless outreach project, posted 06/19/2017

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Subject: RUHS Students to receive mayoral commendation for work on homeless outreach project.

Contact: Lt. Wayne Windman (310) 991-0815

Four Redondo Beach High School students will receive a commendation from the Redondo Beach Mayor at the City Council meeting this Tuesday, June 20th, 2017.

The four Redondo Union High School attendees, Anna Corkery (Class of 2020), Brooke Tokushige (Class of 2020), Christopher Strouse (Class of 2019) and Jordan Keith (class of 2020) conceptualized and implemented a homeless outreach program team, calling it Homeless Outreach for Purpose and Empowerment (HOPE). The teen's project was not part of a school project but instead was a way for the teens to give back to their community. The project started at the end of June of 2016, with the goal of completion by the end of the school year.

The students meet with the Redondo Beach Police Department and other local organizations that work together to find solutions to the South Bay's homeless problem. After learning about the unique challenges to the South Bay homeless problem and Redondo Beach Police Departments partnership with PATH (People Assisting The Homeless) which seeks to find permanent shelter for the increasing numbers of homeless in Redondo Beach and the South Bay, the teens launched their ambitious plan - to raise over $4000 in donations over the school year to create care packages , "welcome home" kits, food cards and develop a $2,000 fund to assist homeless neighbors in Redondo Beach to gain permanent shelter.

The four students worked tirelessly during the school year seeking donations from businesses, community members, family and friends to raise the needed money for their project. The students learned firsthand about the challenges facing the homeless population and the different perceptions held about the homeless population within the South Bay community.

Propelled by their enthusiasm to reach their goal and to make a lasting contribution within their community, the four teens meet and exceeded their goal, raising $4,998 dollars. The students are now putting together the various care packages to be delivered to their partners, Redondo Beach Police Department and PATH, accomplishing team HOPE's community project to address the growing needs of the South Bay homeless population.

This press release was prepared by Lt. Shawn Freeman