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01/25/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 01/25/2020 19:19

FRONT PAGE: “Van Drew Disavowed Trump in Call to Voter”

Philly Inquirer Highlights Van Drew's Disloyalty Three Days Before Trump Visit

The Philadelphia Inquirer followed yesterday's explosive revelation of Jefferson Van Drew's on again, off again relationship with Trump in a blistering headline on today's front page, above the fold, just three days before Trump's rally in Wildwood.

His ride on Air Force One should be interesting!


In a November 30th call to his constituent, Van Drew admitted he didn't voted for Trump, doesn't support him, and wants to beat him in November.

Even though Congressman Van Drew pledged his 'undying loyalty' to Trump in the Oval Office, it is unsurprising that Van Drew has ALSO stated he would never vote for him. That is 100% in line with a man who will say or do anything to hold onto power. That includes becoming a Republican despite voting against Trump's agenda 90 percent of the time, including a vote against Trump's border wall, earning a 100 percent rating from Planned Parenthood, and bashing his new favorite President, Donald J Trump in private.

With this track record and obvious vulnerabilities, it's no wonder Republicans are desperate to push out other primary candidates and clear the field for him.

Jefferson can't win on his own. Period.

'Jefferson Van Drew woke up to another blistering headline exposing him for the disloyal fraud we now know him to be,' said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett. 'With bad press back home and massive protests planned, Van Drew's 'coronation' in Wildwood won't be as pretty as he needs it to be and if the center holds, his primary won't be too pretty either.'