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06/03/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 06/03/2020 00:27

xMEMS Demonstrates True MEMS Speaker for Earphone

There are no-known commercial 'true' MEMS speakers in the market today. Unlike xMEMS' speaker that is true MEMS process, these handful of other MEMS solutions only replaced the conventional voice coil actuator with MEMS. They do not resolve/reduce the complexity of speaker manufacturing. xMEMS' speaker integrates the membrane and actuator making it uniquely capable for high-volume MEMS manufacturing.

The demonstrated MEMS speakers are easily 'scalable' as they are designed and constructed into several 'speaker cells'. The application's SPL (Sound Pressure Level) requirement will define the number and arrangement of 'speaker cells' requirement. For example, a handful of 'speaker cells' may be sufficient for earbud application, but for smartphone application, it may require more of these 'speaker cells'.

The micro speaker market is $8.7B by itself, according to Yole Développement in 2017. 'This is a breakthrough technology for the vastly underserved speaker market,' said Joseph Jiang, co-founder and CEO of xMEMS Labs, adding, 'we are expecting the fast adoption of MEMS speakers to replace conventional coil speakers just like MEMS microphones to replace ECM microphones.'