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Ed Stacey UK Financial Analyst Report and Interview

BOS GLOBAL Holdings Limited

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PRESS Release 15 May 2017

UK Financial Analyst explains Australian BOS GLOBAL (BOS:LSE) Growth Opportunities for its proprietary BOS360 Workforce Analytics Platform as a Service

Capital Network's Ed Stacey, a recognised City of London Financial Analyst, explains his report on BOS GOBAL Holdings Limited (BOS:LSE), a rapidly growing Australian software company focussed on improving productivity and creating operational efficiencies in the workplace with its proprietary and patented BOS360 Work Patterns "Workplace Analytics" offering to business and government worldwide.

Ed Stacey speaks to Andrew Scott of Proactive Investors and explains the BOS GLOBAL business model and why there is no speed limit to growth opportunities for the company over the next 3 driven by its ambitious NASDAQ2020 vision.

Both Report and Studio interview can be viewed at:

Capital Networks Financial Report builds on recent corporate events since its reverse takeover of Australian based Forte Energy NL on 31 August 2016 including:

  1. Conditional disposal of Copper Range (SA) Pty Ltd mining interest (proceeds ~£385k less transaction and minor tenement-related costs) announced 12th May 2017

  2. 40% Investment and first right of refusal to acquire Call Design Pty Ltd for the consideration of £2,800,000 representing Cash (£280,000) and BOS scrip (5,040,000 Shares) (refer announcement of 2nd May 2017) and target completion date of 23rd May 2017.

  3. The launch of its proprietary and patented BOS Time product and BOS360 Platform as a Service offer for 30th May 2017.

  4. Funded investment in Australian Research and Development, revenue generating export of products and services, and BOS GLOBAL's International Patent program



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BOS GLOBAL is a Software Company dedicated to making workplaces more productive.

It does this through its patented platform built to capture and analyse activities as a smart way to help individuals to achieve greater levels of workplace efficiency.

The platform known as BOS360 Work Patterns Platform as a Service ('BOS360 PaaS') launching May 2017, is unique in its ability to digitally render real time views of productivity in the form of Work Patterns at an individual, team or organisation level.

The platform comprises of three main business competencies;

  1. Workplace Automation - How digital information (records and documents) is managed in the workplace.

  2. Workplace Productivity - How people are spending their time at work

  3. Workplace Integrity - How workplace information is secured and validated.

Each of these competencies are supported by a range of enterprise grade software products designed to perform a specific set of workplace functions. These products also act as both collectors and feeders of information to the BOS360 PaaS for use in the generation of Work Pattern reports and Workplace Analytics.

In addition to BOS Meet and BOS Automate, which were launched in December 2016 and January 2017 respectively, BOS Time will be launched this month in tandem with BOS360 PaaS.

BOS GLOBAL aims to generate re-occurring income through subscriptions of its BOS360 PaaS and supporting products, as well as through licensing of its patented Work Pattern technology. The Company's sales strategy is focussed on building a global distribution partner network via Enterprise Software Vendors, Professional Services organisations and Consulting Practices.

The Company is in the process of completing its investment to acquire a 40% interest in Call Design Pty Ltd on 23rd May 2017, a profitable, Australian based, global provider of workforce optimisation tools, focused particularly on call centre services, which has an established blue chip client base. This highly synergistic investment is expected to provide multiple cross-selling opportunities to both companies in line with BOS GLOBAL's strategy to deliver a comprehensive business optimisation offering globally. This investment includes the 1st Rights for BOS to acquire the balance of Call Design on the same financial terms as the initial 40% investment

Call Design sets a new standard for Workplace Optimisation, while BOS GLOBAL's software sets a new standard for Workplace Efficiency. Both products will be offered through BOS360 PaaS, setting a new standard for Workplace Analytics to give companies greater control in making informed, fact-based decisions on their operational activities; Workforce Analytics is a combination of software and methodology that applies statistical models to worker-related data, allowing enterprise leaders to optimise human and machine resources.

Given the synergy between both companies' visions, and the complementary suite of products and services developed separately, the Boards of BOS and Call Design agree that the Investment by BOS will formally establish significant cross-selling opportunities which will positively impact the balance sheet of both companies.

Call Design is appointed a Global Platinum Reseller of BOS products and BOS Innovation Partner for the commercial use and improvement of BOS products for a minimum three-year term.

In addition, BOS and Call Design are working together so that BOS can leverage the 24x7 Global Support Desk of Call Design based in Manilla, and to provide the same high level of customer service to BOS enterprise BOS360 Work Patterns clients worldwide such as that already provided to Call Design existing clients such as banks.

BOS GLOBAL Holdings Limited is a LSE AIM listed company incorporated in Australia, operating from offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The Company also has a regional office in Hong Kong, responsible for the Asia-Pacific region and processing of large scale enterprise product sales with a greater than USD20 revenue stream over an initial three-year contract term. Such deals include acquisitions and investments like the size of Call Design.

The Company is working towards its expanded London Office with its planned move of both Corporate and Board function to London in late 2017. Further, plans are well underway to increase its representation in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and North America with that of Call Design, and with offices on track to be established in 2017 in London and San Francisco respectively.