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MONGOLIA – Weekly press review 26 October 2020


Total number of confirmed cases was 339 and the total number of recovered patients reached 312 on 26 October. Worldometers EU - Mongolia

Ambassadors of the European Union, Italy and Germany take part in Business Council Mongolia's monthly meeting: Ambassador of the European Union to Mongolia Traian Laurentiu Hristea said: ''Currently, we are working to issue EUR 37.5 million to Mongolia. EUR 1 million dedicated to health sector will be granted in the near future through WHO.''Montsame

Third EU Trade Day in Mongolia: Increasing the export potential of Mongolia to the European Union market held on 26-27 October:The event will bring together more than 250 participants from the public and private sectors from Mongolia and abroad. On this occasion the EU-financed Trade Related Assistance to Mongolia (TRAM) and its partners will present their achievements in developing sustainable trade policy measures, the project's impact on the diversification and increase the export of value-added products to the market of the European Union.Montsame

Ambassador of France meets Minister of Environment: 'France is implementing numerous projects and programs in the environment sector of Mongolia. For instance, projects are being implemented in the fields of insulation of ger area households, waste recycling plants, reintroduction of takhi horses, combating the climate change and energy issues through the governmental and non-governmental organizations of France.''Montsame

Mongolian cashmere products to provide for luxury demands of global brands:To fulfil the demand in Mongolia, the Sustainable Textile Production and Eco Labelling Project - STeP EcoLab is being implemented by AVSF Mongolia with financing from the European SWITCH-Asia Programme, creating a comprehensive system for sustainable cashmere production. A consultative meeting took place on the implementation of the project on 22 October. Montsame

AVSF Mongolia is organizing the First Steering Committee meeting of the project on 'Integrated Production Systems for Sustainable Cashmere - II'funded by the European Union and the French Facility for Global Environment. In 2015-2019, the project provided technical assistance to Bayankhongor aimag cooperatives of the Sustainable Cashmere Union in sustainable cashmere production, and in the second phase the project will focus on the creation of an integrated system of sustainable cashmere production.Montsame

Minister of Environment and Tourism D.Sarangerel met with Head of Development Cooperation of the Embassy of Germanyin Mongolia, to discuss environmental cooperation between the two countries as well as the ongoing joint projects and programs on forest management, biodiversity, protected area management, and climate change.Montsame

Ulaanbaatar International Film Festival opens:France has been selected as a focus country of this year's film festival on the occasion of the 55th diplomatic anniversary between Mongolia and France. Montsame

Creating insulation market in the coldest capital city in the world:Quality certified insulation market is being created in Mongolia by the European Union's Switch Off Air Pollution project. The project is forming a market mechanism with a demand and supply chain. It does not only benefit the public, but it also aims to guarantee fair and attractive revenue to all the actors involved to ensure sustainability. Based on the needs and financial availability of the customers, the project offers different insulation options. Montsame

Political and Internal Developments

Re-polling scheduled in 62 constituencies for 2020 local elections foreligible voters who did not participate in the election on 15 October.Montsame

By-election for a seat in the Parliament to take place in June 2021: The board of the Mongolian People's Party (MPP) approved the appointment of MP D. Sumiyabazar to serve as mayor of Ulaanbaatar. MP Sumiyabazar needs to resign from Parliament and a by-election is expected to be held in June 2021 to elect a new MP to represent Ulaanbaatar's Songinokhairkhan District. AmCham

Foreign Policy

Mongolia's 30 000 sheep donation delivered to China:During his visit to China in February 2020, the President of Mongolia handed over a certification of donation of 30 000 sheep. On 22 October, a ceremony to hand over the sheep donation was held at Mongolia-China border region of Dornogobi aimag.Montsame

PM Khurelsukh held virtual meeting with Deputy Chairman of Security Council of Russia: The PM expressed his delight that the gas pipeline project that connects Russia and China through Mongolia is moving forward. Montsame

Asian Development Bank approves USD 420 million for development at the Mongolia-China border to improve economic opportunities and living conditions among communities along the border between the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Mongolia. The first of USD 196.3 million will help finance the delivery of a smart port management system in the Erenhot-Zamyn-Uud economic cooperation zone. AmChamMontsame

China-Mongolia border trading zone reopens:The reopening also marked the launching of the processing of agricultural products and livestock upon entry to the zone, which was designated by the Chinese government in September as Inner Mongolia's only trading zone allowed to engage in processing work.Xinhua


Mongolia No Longer under FATF Increased Monitoring- The FATF congratulated Mongolia for the significant progress made in addressing the strategic AML/CFT deficiencies identified earlier by the FATF. Mongolia will no longer be subject to the FATF's increased monitoring process. This comes after an on-site visit despite the COVID-19 crisis. Mongolia will work with the APG of which it is a member, to continue to strengthen their AML/CFT regimes. fatf-gafi

MRPA to shorten the length of the exploration licensing process:In 2020, the Mineral Resources and Petroleum Authority (MRPA) issued 40 mining exploration licenses and announced plans to shorten the length of exploration mining license approval. The average length of time it takes to get a mining exploration license is about 35 days, slowed by bureaucracy in paperwork processing.AmCham

Daily coal truck processing at the border increases to 1,100 per day.Coal exports through the Gashuunsukhait-Gantsmod port increased in October. A total of 1.38 million tons of coal was exported in October. AmCham

State budget draft includes a MNT 499 billion subsidy for the Social Insurance Fund in 2021: The Social Insurance Fund's total revenue is estimated to be MNT 1.9 trillion and expenditure has been set at MNT 2.6 trillion, with the state budget subsidy for the fund totalling MNT 499.9 billion. AmCham


2020 Local Elections by Mendee Jargalsaikhan and Julian Dierkes:The two dominant parties had clear advantages in the election. It was difficult to separate the election campaign events from day-to-day activities of cabinet members, parliament members, and, most importantly, of local governments (governors/mayor). The MPP mostly campaigned on the new government's action plan and some specific proposals for the capital city, for example, to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution as well as to improve the public works. The DP acted like a devastated, populist party by joining into a coalition with two other parties - MPRP, which is under the control of the former president N Enkhbayar, and SHINE, a party of former MP Batzandan. The most important support for the DP seems to have come from President Kh Battulga as he presented massive award ceremonies (esp., mothers' awards) while touring around the countryside. In contrast, the HUN party focused on key themes for the urban centre such as reducing traffic congestions and explicitly played by the rule. Mongolia Focus

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