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Boulware Park And Birch Street Property Renovation Project

Community Meetings #2
A community meeting was held on Thursday February 27, 2020 to review the three schematic design plan options of Boulware Park with the community. The meeting was a joint meeting with the North Ventura Coordination Plan Committee to provide community input on two planning projects being developed in the Ventura Neighborhood. Stickers were provided for community members to vote on different plan options and note cards to allow specific comments to be captured for each schematic design.

The images below show the plans used at the meeting and the comments captured.

Plan Option #1

Design Option #1 Comments

  • Option #1 is good, but I would add the small amount of parking to the dog park.
  • Let's think native planting throughout the park!
  • Two bathrooms would be awesome. One by the basketball court and one by the playground. Makes it easy for people to pee (and not in the bushes!)
  • Playground and picnic too for apart.
  • Don't build buildings and stay within strict cost limits.
  • Playground near picnic area good.
  • Community garden instead (pointing to dog park).
  • What about dog park here where the bball court currently is.

Plan Option #2

Design Option #2 Comments

  • No need for parking other than existing street.
  • Design has best elements plus some small parking along Lambert.
  • Landscape - only use natives.
  • No off-street parking! Parks for people not cars.
  • Community garden plot would benefit from max solar exposure.
  • Native planting are important to me and should be everywhere. Non-lawn planting go in.
  • South P.A. has no dog park - it is needed, and was a fairly popular 'activity' even if it ended up getting fewer votes.
  • Why so much space given to a dog park when it was a 'low priority' on the survey?
  • Need picnic area near playground w/ shade.
  • Would like dog park in far corner where basketball is now.
  • Enlarge picnic area.
  • There is sufficient parking without these new stalls - Lambert, Chestnut
  • Restrooms; one by playground, one by picnic closer to Fry's site is good.
  • Picnic area further from road and traffic, like near triangle of loop path, creek and cul de sac. Park slope into creek, make creek play part of park.
  • Don't build buildings on the park. Stay within strict const. limit. Financing can be insecure.
  • Restroom always near playground.

Park and Recreation Meetings #1

A Parks and Recreation meeting was held on January 28, 2020, to provide an update on the community outreach process and to review a draft preliminary plan. The meeting will be held at 3990 Ventura Ct, Palo Alto, CA 94306

Boulware Park Renovation Project Report Update

Community Meetings #1

A community meeting was held on Saturday November 9, 2019, to provide the community with an opportunity to share their input on the park facilities they would most like to see maintained or added to the Boulware Park site and the newly purchased park land across the street (former AT&T site). The community was asked to provide input using a series of sticker boards. The stickers were used to identify the park facilities that are supported by the community and to prioritize the facilities the community would like to see maintained or added. If a specific park facility was not included on the board, the community was asked to write in the facility along with comments to provide further feedback.

The images below show the boards and plans used at the meeting along with some images of the event.

What Park Facilities would you like?

The facilities shown on the boards in these images were selected from current existing site facilities in Boulware Park and those park facilities identified in the Palo Alto Parks Master Plan.

Facility Board Results
Playgrounds: 25 stickers
Open Turf: 17 stickers
Restroom: 33 stickers
Basketball Court: 16 stickers
Group Picnic Area: 13 stickers
Community Garden: 12 stickers
Loop Walking Path: 13 stickers
Dog Park: 17 stickers
Adult Fitness Area: 9 stickers
Pickle Ball Court: 11 stickers
Shaded Seating Area: 16 stickers
Habitat/Native Planting: 17 stickers
Security Lighting: 16 stickers

Prioritizing the Facilities:

To understand which facilities are desired more than others and if the project should be phased creating the order of each phase by priority.

Facility Prioritization Results
Restroom: 26 stickers
Playgrounds: 25 stickers
Dog Park: 22 stickers
Open Turf: 18 stickers
Basketball Court: 18 stickers
Group Picnic Area: 14 stickers
Security Lighting: 14 stickers
Habitat/Native Planting: 13 stickers
Shaded Seating Area: 10 stickers
Community Garden: 10 stickers
Loop Walking Path: 10 stickers
Adult Fitness Area: 8 stickers
Pickle Ball Court: 1 stickers

Additional Facilities and Priorities:

The community was encouraged to write additional ideas and comments, along with expanding the facility list provided in the boards above.

Site Map Comments:

Community Meeting Photos: