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08/15/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 08/14/2019 22:08

Obese, sick and stressed - new white paper and webinar

Chronic diseases are responsible for seven out of every ten deaths in the United States, making them the leading cause of death and disability in the US. And, yet, work-related claims involving chronic diseases aren't garnering the attention they warrant.

Three of the most prevalent, deadly and costly chronic conditions often present themselves as comorbidities in work-related injuries, raising questions for risk managers and claims professionals. These include:

Obesity - One half of the US population could be obese by 2030. How will workers compensation adjusters navigate the cost and duration of a claim with an obese claimant?

Diabetes - As a significant health care cost driver that affects more than 100 million individuals in the US, what medical consequences accompany claims involving diabetes?

Hypertension - Most prescription drug use and medical visits in the US are hypertension-related. Is there a way to help a claimant struggling with hypertension that won't negatively impact the cost of their claim?

As part of our continued dedication to providing in-depth analysis on issues that impact claims, we have prepared a white paper and webinar that combine the latest research with workers compensation expertise to take an in-depth look at common comorbid conditions and how they affect workers compensation claims.

Download the white paper

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