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The customer’s needs come first

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Over 43 years, DATAMATX has reinvented itself several times, but one thing remains constant. The customer's needs come first. CEO Harry Stephens shares how the company listens to clients and offers services responsive to their needs.

'Our clients tell us our greatest strength is our flexibility and capability to develop customized solutions for complex business requirements,' Stephens says. 'These solutions are tailored to seamlessly integrate with their established processes, instead of requiring them to modify their process to fit a boilerplate solution, like many other companies in our industry use.'

DATAMATX was founded in Atlanta in 1976, where it is still headquartered. It started as a shared mainframe service bureau, in the days before desktop computers when most businesses could not afford large computing facilities. 'We provided custom programming and shares mainframe hosting of critical business applications,' Stephens explains. 'National clients accessed using remote terminals connected through dedicated phone lines.'

As clients' needs evolved into solving complex business processes, DATAMATX invested in one of the first high-speed laser printers, which produced financial output. With the advent of desktop computers, the company moved into printing and mailing missing-critical financial statements, bills, collection letters, invoices, confirmations, insurance documents, and other important notices.

'Eventually, our customers wanted digital solutions for these services,' says Stephens. 'So today we deliver business to business and business to consumer mission-critical customer communications digitally, as well as via paper and mail.'

As a high-volume print and digital transactional provider, DATMATX has developed a full-service approach to delivering solutions and value to its business clients. 'Our advanced document processing and delivery capabilities enable clients to create data-driven, highly targeted communications to their customers. We offer fully customized options like personalization and high-quality color to engage customers and drive revenue for our business customers,' Stephens says.

Versatility in Capabilities

In today's regulated and privacy-focused world, adhering to industry best practices, government regulations, and strict security standards while continuing to provide mission-critical document delivery and maintaining a positive customer experience is a complex and sensitive business.

DATAMATX finds its greatest strength in its flexibility and agility in crafting customized solutions for clients with needs that don't fit a standardized, boilerplate solution as many other companies offer. These custom solutions transform raw data through a turnkey process that includes professional document design, production, labor, equipment, custom and commodity supplies, specialized inventory management, and logistics, resulting in a seamless process to produce and deliver finished documents for mailing and electronic distribution.

One of the keys to successfully combining security, quality, and complete end-to-end document solutions is ownership and integration of all resources. DATAMATX data centers adhere to stringent requirements and standards, including HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, IRS Pub 1075, FISMA, and PCI DSS. The company has implemented the NIST 800-53 risk management standard at a moderate level and has achieved HITRUST CSF, FISMA SAR, and SOC annual audit certifications.

This commitment to maintaining the highest standards also extends to the company's longstanding relationship with the USPS. Stephens notes that DATAMATX is one of fewer than five national first-class mailers to hold the U.S. Postal Service's full-service Platinum certification in quality management. 'This allows us to operate at the highest level of quality, reliability, and compliance within the USPS's TQM environment.'

While printing and mailing critical, professional-looking documents are a critical part of DATAMATX services, it only represents a portion of the company's capabilities. Businesses increasingly require multi-channel campaigns to meet customer expectations.

Customers can view statements, bills, invoices and notices both digitally and via paper and mail. These documents can include customized tie-ins to promotions, maximizing the value of limited real estate on paper, and capturing customers' attention, which is becoming more difficult in an information-soaked environment. DATAMATX can give its clients a better return on investment, while customers have a choice of delivery channels: digital only, print only, or a combination of both.

To manage cross-channel campaigns, DATAMATX works closely with clients to assist them in determining the relevant touchpoints with their customers. 'This can be anything from a customized message to offer a loan from a bank or to a credit union customer who is about to pay off their loan, a message on a paper bill to entice them to move to a digital bill and e-payment, or an insurance document that drives the recipient to log in to a portal for future notices,' explains Stephens.

'Business to business clients generally find emailing a notice with a secure PDF attachment sufficient if the data is not sensitive,' Stephens noted, adding: 'However, business to consumer clients with sensitive customer data, require us to email a notice or a link, offering customers a web-based platform to authenticate, log in to a portal and view their bill or statement with an option or instructions to pay.'

'Instead of a one-way communications stream, clients can leverage more data in two-way communications with their customers, using first class mail, which has a very high rate of engagement, along with flexible, customized digital offerings.'

Increasing postage costs is the biggest challenge. 'It is obviously less expensive for a company to only offer digital delivery, whether you are trying to market services or billing for those services,' says Stephens. 'Statistics show most people would like options without being forced into only one. Especially for billing, customers think companies that provide paper and electronic options, which can be turned on and off, provide the best overall service.'

With the flexibility to produce and deliver communications for clients digitally and physically, in a secure manner, DATAMATX is a true partner for its clients.

Stephens shares that DATAMATX continues to continue supporting its clients both digitally, and via print and mail, 'working with our clients to cross-sell and upsell via white space marketing on paper documents, mine data as requested, customize emails with secure links to their customer portal to view/pay bills, review orders, and research products/solutions, or provide fully hosted websites with a payment gateway and provide custom A/R solutions.'