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Top Five Ways Martha McSally Royally Fudged Her AZSen Rollout

PHOENIX - After all that waiting, Mitch McConnell's Martha McSally finally let the 'worst kept secret ' in Arizona politics out by announcing her senate campaign. However, it wasn't a smooth takeoff for McSally. In fact, it was downright horrible.

From bad stories in the press to fumbling questions related to the GOP primary, and even being labeled as 'Jeff Flake 2.0' by her primary opponents, Martha McSally's senate campaign rollout was confirmation that she's 'not ready for prime time' and she cannot stave off what will be a vicious civil war within the Arizona Republican Party.

1) Sloppy Stories in AZSen Rollout

Arizona Republic: 'Martha McSally's U.S. Senate ambitions began at least last summer'

'On July 21, two days after Sen. John McCain publicly acknowledged he had an aggressive brain tumor, McSally's team reserved the website using the same third-party service it had used in February to renew, her longstanding House campaign website.

They also reserved the same day.

Early in her second term in the House of Representatives, McSally was eyeing the Senate while publicly focusing on her tough re-election prospects.' […]

'The key to Flake's seat could hinge on the support of President Donald Trump, whom McSally kept at arm's length during the campaign but has warmed to since he took office.' […]

'McSally's balancing act didn't impress the conservative Club for Growth.

A political-action committee aligned with the Club and other national 'tea party'-affiliated groups such as the Senate Conservatives Fund, FreedomWorks and Eagle Forum, put out a joint statement in opposition to McSally....' […]

'McSally's popularity in her district has suffered. She trailed in some Democratic polling last spring.' […]

'In that time, McSally furthered her makeover as an enthusiastic Trump supporter.

She largely sidestepped questions about Trump in 2016, saying voters should make their own decisions without her input. McSally did condemn Trump after the release of the infamous 'Access Hollywood' videotape in which he casually bragged about groping women without their consent.'

Associated Press: McSally launches Senate campaign in heated Arizona contest

'McSally, a two-term congresswoman already backed by many GOP leaders in Arizona and Washington, described herself as anything but an establishment candidate in a fiery announcement video that touched on border security and Sharia law and featured Trump himself.' […]

'Despite the aggressive rhetoric in her announcement video, some of McSally's conservative critics dismiss her as an establishment favorite whose record doesn't match the tough talk in her announcement.' […]

'Yet she has tacked right in recent months and aligned herself with Trump as the 2018 campaign season neared.'

2) Fumbles on Questions Related to Primary

Tweet by Steve Peoples, 1.12.18

3) Martha McSally = Jeff Flake 2.0

As she was ensured full backing by Mitch McConnell, McSally's opponents - including Kelli Ward - released a web video connecting her to the GOP establishment, calling her 'Jeff Flake 2.0'.

Tweet by Joe Ferguson: '[email protected] says again that she welcomes @RealSheriffJoe to the #AZSen race but says @MarthaMcSally should stay in her lane (#AZ02) and that she is 'Jeff Flake 2.0''

Tweet by Joe Ferguson< /a>: '.@kelliwardaz says she doesn't want a 'Jeff Flake 2.0' to take his seat - a veiled reference to @MarthaMcSally. #AZSen'

Morning Ritual With Garrett Lewis : WARD: 'Well yes, and I think on Friday we're going to hear an announcement from Jeff Flake 2.0….She wants to go on as part of the Washington DC establishment that has failed Arizona and has failed the country, but guess what Arizona voters already rejected that brand of politics and I don't think we're going to let the wool be pulled over our eyes once again by the campaign conservatism and by a pretender, who might enter this race on Friday.

WARD: '…McSally did not support President Trump. She refused to say who she voted for in the Presidential election and then suddenly, I'll tell you the day that the transformation happened, October 25th, 2017. You know what happened on October 24th, Jeff Flake dropped out of the race. I talked to someone from her campaign and what he told me and it's very sad, Martha sees an opportunity in this race and she's looking for her next big thing...'

4) McSally Kicks Arizonans Out of Tucson Event

Tweet by Joe Ferguson, 1.12.18

Tweet by Brian Robinson, 1.12.18

5) Arizonans Will See Right Through McSally

Tweet by Josh Kraushaar, 1.12.18