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11/02/2017 | News release | Distributed by Public on 11/02/2017 11:53

Simplified Pricing Structure for Chargeable Waste Being Introduced at re3 Recycling Centres

02 Nov 2017 17:40

re3 is introducing a new, simplified pricing structure for chargeable non-household waste, but with no change to prices.
Following feedback from the sites' Meet and Greet staff, a shortened pricing list was agreed by re3's Joint Waste Disposal Board on 13th October. There is no change to the prices, but now chargeable waste will be assessed by volume or the number of individual items only, rather than by vehicle type.
This change will help to address any concerns about inconsistencies in pricing due to vehicle size and may help to deter those tempted to dangerously overload smaller vehicles in an attempt to be charged less.
From now on, chargeable non-household waste will be charged by volume, calculated at £2.10 per 25L bag or equivalent for plasterboard, at £2.50 per 25L bag or equivalent for soil and £2.20 per 25L bag or equivalent for rubble (including bricks, tiles, slates etc.) Individual items such as ceramic sinks and toilets will also be charged at £2.20.
The change will continue to enhance the meet and greet service, with site staff working hard to keep queuing to a minimum and helping residents to dispose of their waste.
Non-household waste includes items from the repair and alteration to homes and waste created from landscaping or garden remodelling. Councils are entitled to charge for the disposal of these types of waste and re3 took the decision to do so in September 2016. Residents can still dispose of all other household waste free of charge at the recycling centres.
By introducing charges for a small range of non-household waste items, re3 can cover the cost of managing those types of waste without having to subsidise it from already stretched budgets. The charges help ensure that only those residents who undertake improvement, alteration or repair of their homes are fully covering the cost of these, often occasional, works and it protects other council tax payers from funding this area of waste management. Therefore, people who benefit from the work being done to their homes pay for the disposal of the resulting waste, rather than the wider community footing the bill for individual home improvements. The charges have been carefully calculated to cover the cost of processing this kind of waste only, and are non-profit making.
The vast majority of the recycling centre visitors have been supportive of this initiative, and the costs being diverted as a result may also help mitigate some of the cuts in council funding and help protect other frontline services.
Bracknell Forest's Executive Member for Environment, Cllr Mrs Dorothy Hayes MBE said: 're3 introduced a charging system for some types of non-household waste at the end of September 2016. Though the legal capacity to introduce such charges has existed for several years, the decision was finally taken by re3 to help ensure that our waste management service is fairer, more cost-effective and efficient. Since their introduction, the new arrangements at re3 recycling centres have worked well. The re3 Councils would like to thank residents for their support and understanding of why these charges, and the other changes brought in during 2016, were needed.
Reading Borough Council's Lead Councillor for Neighbourhoods, Cllr Liz Terry said: 'Non-household waste charges were identified as a way to fight trade waste abuse, and to protect council tax payers by ensuring that only those residents producing this type of non-everyday waste were paying to cover the cost of its processing. We've revisited the pricing structure a year on from its introduction to make it easier to assess the quantities of non-household waste, charge accordingly, and continue to address unnecessary waste costs.'
Wokingham Borough Council's Executive Member for Environment Cllr Norman Jorgensen said: 'The main purpose for this change is to have a charging system that is easier to understand and apply. It does away with distinctions between the types of vehicle in which the waste arrives and replaces it with a charge by volume. New onsite signage will display the simplified pricing structure.'
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