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06/07/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 06/07/2021 08:28

Techlace reinventa produtos para economia circular

Resulting from a strong investment in R&D and partnerships in several sectors, Masstechlace - Unipessoal, Lda was born to create and reinvent products of great use, but also elaborates technical and specialized studies in the industry and production processes that reduce the human ecological footprint.

'Population growth and increased pollution force us to adopt better resource management', reflects the company, founded in 2016 by Eduardo Pereira, in Amadora, district of Lisbon, on its website.

Sustainability is a desideratum that TechLace, the name by which the company is known, aims to achieve in all its products and services.

The business model is based on the 'paradigm shift, to reduce the human ecological footprint, through the evolution of traditional technologies into user-friendly devices and more efficient systems', explains the company, defending that 'the principles of consumer satisfaction and circular economy needs to evolve side by side', otherwise we humans 'will not meet the challenges to come.'


County: Amateur

Sector: Industrial engineering

CAE: Engineering and related technical activities. Design of industrial machinery, apparatus and installations, consultancy in the development of electrical, electronic, mechanical, refrigeration, hydraulic industrial engineering projects, technical and specialized studies for industry, production processes and the fight against pollution.

Manufacture of articles made of plastic materials, metal products, electrical, electronic, computer, communications, transport vehicles, trailers, components for motor vehicles and others, aeronautics and naval, industries and manufacture of cork and related products. works, manufacture of rubber articles and components for footwear.

Activities in the field of physical and natural sciences in the field of the three types of research and development (fundamental research, applied research and experimental development), disciplinary or multidisciplinary, specialized in construction, real estate, sports, entertainment and recreation, decoration of ceramic articles. domestic and ornamental use, in addition to laundry activities.

Repair, maintenance and installation of machinery and equipment, consulting and computer programming and related activities, leasing of real estate, advertising, market studies and opinion polls, scientific, technical and similar consultancy, repair of computers and personal goods and domestic.

Non-specialized wholesale trade. Import, export wholesale and retail trade of products for industrial and domestic use.

Retail sale of all types of food and non-food products, in supermarkets, hypermarkets, newsstands, fairs and mobile sales units, by agents not carried out in establishments, by correspondence or via the internet, goods or services disclosed through catalogues, magazines, newspapers, printed matter, or any other graphic or audiovisual means.

Trade, maintenance and repair of aircraft, ships, floating platforms, motor vehicles and motorcycles.

Management and organization of tourist entertainment activities. Travel Agency Activities.

Administrator: Eduardo Pereira

Main products and services: DEPOFLEX. They are pioneer equipment in the flexible tanks sector, with a capacity of around 1000 liters and differ from the traditional 'cushions' and 'cigars' due to two innovative aspects: their constitution and the possibility of being placed vertically.

KORFLY FLIPPER/SANDALIA. Intended for different environments such as saunas, spas, gyms, swimming pools, clinics, hospitals, ships and yachts, and especially in the hotel sector, it provides a comprehensive, comfortable and safe use on all types of floors.

FLAPTIE. Practical, it can be used at home and in various activities such as gardening and agriculture, reducing, for example, the amount of waste clamps destroyed on the soil in large vineyards and orchards.

PINS. Ideal for holding and storing electrical cables and wires.


TILE WITH IMAGE. NATURAL TILE WITH VARNISH. Project to reduce any external dependence, offering distributors superior quality parts at competitive prices and terms.