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Out of the Ether - The Story of the $55 Million Cryptocurrency Heist

In the new book, Out of the Ether, celebrated journalist and author Matthew Leising tells the story of how $55 million on cryptocurrency vanished in one of the most unbelievable thefts in history

Out of the Ether: The Amazing Story of Ethereum and the $55 Million Heist that Almost Destroyed It All

'Out of the Ether' tells the astonishing tale of the disappearance of $55 million worth of the cryptocurrency Ether in June 2016 and chronicles the creation of the Ethereum blockchain from the mind of inventor Vitalik Buterin to the ragtag group of people he assembled around him to build the second-largest crypto universe after Bitcoin. Currently available for pre-order, 'Out of the Ether' will be available everywhere books and eBooks are sold on September 29th.

Hoboken, NJ (September 16, 2020) - As one of the leading blockchain reporters in the world, Matthew Leising has covered the emergingtechnology for Bloomberg News for the last 5 years. His 2017 story 'The Ether Thief' for Bloomberg Markets Magazine inspired his new book Out of the Ether, set to be published on September 29th, which chronicles the 2016 disappearance of $55 million worth of Ethereum.

Out of the Ether starts at the very beginning, outlining the creation of the cryptocurrency and painting a vivid portrait of the inventor, Vitalik Buterin, and the many cofounders he gathered around him to create the second largest crypto universe after Bitcoin. Leising sets the stage to share the full story behind the astonishing heist that threatened to take Ethereum down and describes his efforts to discover who was responsible and to unmask the thief. Through blockchain forensics, encrypted messages and insider sources, Leising tracks down, unveils, and interviews a person associated with the attack.

Called 'the definitive book on the early history of Ethereum' by Tim Draper, Out of the Ether shares an inside look at one of the largest and most-influential cryptocurrencies, describing a modern-day heist that threatened to destroy a billion-dollar network. Out of the Ether is currently available for pre-order and will be available everywhere books and eBooks are sold on September 29th.


Advance Praise for Out of the Ether:

'Matthew Leising writes here the definitive book on the early history of Ethereum, a fascinating story about crypto in the early 'wild west' years. It filled in some gaps for me. Fun to look back at how it all began now that cryptocurrencies are stable, trusted, and so needed for the global economy ahead.' -TIM DRAPER, Founder, Draper Fisher Jurveston

'This is the fascinating story about the early days of Ethereum, a cryptocurrency and virtual computer that is shaping, and will continue to shape, the future of the internet for decades to come. Its growing value has attracted hackers looking for a virtual payday like moths to a flame. Leising takes it upon himself to try and solve one of the biggest hacks in the history of crypto using a combination of sources and breadcrumbs on the blockchain. A must-read crime procedural for the Age of Crypto.' -CAMERON WINKLEVOSS, Co-Founder and President, Gemini Cryptocurrency Exchange

'Matt Leising has written a real page-turner. Proving that real life is much stranger than fiction, he lays out the true story of the $55 million heist that threatened to undermine the Ethereum blockchain and its place in the next internet revolution. It's a great ride and a great read. Leising explains the technicalities in concepts that we can all understand while recounting the dramatic 2016 DAO hack and the extraordinary counter measures that prevented it from being far, far worse. I couldn't put this book down.' -J. CHRISTOPHER GIANCARLO, Former Chairman, US Commodity Futures Trading Commission


About the Author: Matthew Leising is one of the foremost blockchain reporters in the world who has been covering the emerging technology for Bloomberg News since 2015. His understanding of the underlying systems allows him to translate complicated topics into easy to understand narratives, whether they're about the intersection of blockchain and Wall Street or the many scams and questionable practices that pervade crypto. Out of the Ether was born from his 2017 story 'The Ether Thief' for Bloomberg Markets Magazine.

About the Book: Out of the Ether: The Amazing Story of Ethereum and the $55 Million Heist that Almost Destroyed It All by Matthew Leising (Wiley, September 2020, ISBN: 9781119602934, $24.95, Hardcover, 336 Pages)

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