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12/22/2018 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 12/22/2018 01:39

Mitsui OUTLET PARK opened at Taichung Port Mayor Lin said, it’s lighting up the chain reaction to attract more investments in

Highly attentions drawing Mitsui OUTLET PARK at Taichung Port was officially opened today(12th). Since the test-run kicked off on November 29th, there are more than 10 thousand of consumers to visit everyday and the surrounding area, including Gaomei Wetlands, Wuqi fishing port and commercial circle of the port area etc., have been influenced positively with a lot of visitors as well. Mayor Chia-lung Lin said, the settlement of Mitsui OUTLET PARK at Taichung Port would attract more investments in the coastline area as a chain reaction to facilitate the local development. It's expected to link the whole sightseeing spots in the neighborhood to bring a holistic development to the area.

Taiwan Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. Has conducted the opening ceremony of Mitsui OUTLET PARK at Taichung Port with Mayor Lin, Deputy Speaker of Legislative Yuan Chi-chang Tsai, Legislator Guo-shu Huang, Ministry of Transportation and Communications Secretary-general Tai-hsin Lee, Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Ltd. Chairman Tsung-rong Wu, Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.Chairman Seishinn Komodenn and Dajiama Welfare Foundation Chairman Ching-biao Yen etc. to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony. Also, Councilors Dien-chung Yang and Li-ming Yen were there to celebrate.

Mayor Lin said, it's a big thank for Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Ltd. And the City Government, with their team works, Mitsui OUTLET PARK at Taichung Port can be settled down and opened smoothly. Since the test run kickoff until now, there are more than 10 thousand of visitors to be there everyday which reflects the successful investment. Therefore, the employment opportunities will be opened to facilitate the local economic development.

Mayor Lin said, Mitsui OUTLET PARK at Taichung Port is the biggest investment project from the other country during the past 40 years after Taichung Port opened. This is the beginning of the chain reaction to attract more investments in; about the transportation in the surrounding area, the City Government has planned 8 routes of buses to Mitsui OUTLET PARK and the Executive Yuan approved MRT Blue line ends here as well so it's convenient for the people to visit the Park. Meanwhile, the City Government hopes to connect all the related sightseeing spots in the neighborhood, including Gaomei Wetlands, Wuqi fishing port, Dajia Jenn Lann Temple etc. to facilitate the overall development.

Mayor Lin mentioned as well, during the past four years, the resources invested on Taichung have exceeded NT$910 billion and the actual salary income of the citizens has increased by 7.6%; in addition, with the assistance of the City Government, Mitsui has become the preferred contract dealer for the land use at the「TaiSugar lakeside ecological park」in East District to drive the economy of Taichung to take another fly continuously.

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. Chairman Seishinn Komodenn said, Mitsui OUTLET PARK at Taichung Port is the second commercial facility of Mitsui settled in Taiwan. The company has introduced many international boutique, sport and restaurant brands, also, there's the ferris wheel to enjoy the sea view so the people can have the gourmet foods to eat and ferris wheel to have fun. It's believed not difficult to allow the consumers to spend a whole day here. Mitsui will bring the Japanese experiences into Taichung and continue to elevate the competitiveness. It's expected to contribute to the economic development in capabilities Taichung.

Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Ltd. Chairman Tsung-rong Wu said, Mitsui OUTLET PARK at Taichung Port in Taiwan is the first sea-facing shopping center so ferris wheel will be a major feature of the center. This OUTLET PARK can be built smoothly and quickly because it's owed to the assistance from Mayor Lin and the City Government. It's expected to facilitate the local prosperity.

The officer of Economic Development Bureau, the City Government, said, Mitsui OUTLET PARK at Taichung Port is planned to settle the international boutique, Japanese brands, sport and recreational stores, including 70% of the product related brands and 30% of restaurant and recreational stores in addition to the big ferris wheel with 60-meter-of height and port view. This ferris wheel with 36 cabins rotates a round will take 12 minutes to allow the passengers to enjoy the whole view of the port landscape. Besides, Mitsui OUTLET PARK at Taichung Port is located by the port so it's decorated with many cargos and the「bollard」which is very「port」stylish.

The shopping center can provide not only the commercial functions but also in response to the recycled energy development policy and the development of low carbon city self management articles in Taichung with the steel shed frame for cars in the outdoor parking lot. There are the soar power boards on the shed with the power of 4.5MW and the annual power generation may reach 8, 700 thousand KW/hr to reduce the carbon emission by 4, 613 tons. It's a green energy equipment model.

The officer of Economic Development Bureau indicated, there are about 170 stores or shops in Mitsui OUTLET PARK at Taichung Port with not less than 2, 000 employment opportunities which will facilitate the local employment and positively help to upgrade the working conditions. Moreover, as per the current operational status, the passenger flow has exceeded the tourism target of the originally estimated 15,000 people during the weekdays and 28,000 people during the holidays by Mitsui. This is apparently very helpful to facilitate the coastline tourism development in the region. Especially, the visitors to Gaomei Wetlands, Wuqi fishing port and so on have significantly increased and the sales amount of Wuqi fishing port has increased by 20-30% now.

In addition, the City Government has coordinated with the bus companies to add more routes or extend the original routes with increased schedules starting from Taichung train station, High Speed Rail at Taichung, Taiwan railway Dajia station, Taichung International Airport and Chao-ma station to the shopping center; in total, 8 routes of buses planned will arrive at the neighborhood area of the shopping center. Everyone is encouraged to take the public transportation system to there to avoid the high traffic.