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What’s in a Company’s Culture?

I am a true believer that the best things in life happen unexpectedly, and it was very true in the journey that brought me to Cisco.Cisco hadalways been at the top of my listof companies I wanted to work for - and when a friend, who was already a Cisconian, reached out saying there was the perfect opportunity for me - I jumped at the chance to join their Talent Acquisition team.

After some time, and thanks to the diverse and numerous development opportunities offered at Cisco, I received an offer to join our Technical Assistance Center (TAC) as a TAC Manager. My adventure in technology had official begun, and it continues today as I am currently the EMEAR Security Delivery Lead in Customer Experience.

There was a brief time, however, where I gained experience elsewhere when a 'once in a lifetime' role was offered - and I said yes.The experience didn't last long, but what I learned was invaluable- and I knew from that point on what really mattered most when choosing a company: their culture.

Frankly speaking, as I began my career - it was not something I often included on my check list when evaluating potential employers. The job itself, development possibilities, compensation and benefits always ranked higher.

Today, after seeing Cisco's culture come to life, it's apparent to me that it should also be included when looking for your next opportunity.

Here is what I appreciate most about our culture at Cisco:

1. The People-It gives so much happinessand energyto work with talented people who are passionate about what they do and truly believe in what they do. At Cisco, you can learn so much from the brilliant minds around youand you are surrounded by team members and leaders who support you.

2. Team Collaboration-You are never truly aloneat Cisco. Through our technology, like Cisco Webex, we're able to collaborate no matter where we are located around the globe to have the most efficient, successful teams.When I moved from Talent Acquisition to TAC, it was a bold and risky step. It was difficult in the beginning, but thanks to my collaborative and helpful team- I was able to achieve that goal and find my footing.

3. EmployeeParticipation -Your voice is heard at Ciscoand you canexpress your opinions,share ideas, and propose solutions freely and openly without being judged. You areappreciated and valued for sharing a differentperspective.

4. Focus on Employee's Strengths -I love that Cisco focuses on our strengths andhow best to leverage them!This enables us to concentrate on the development in those areas with the intention to support career growthas we learn how we work best.

5. Empowerment, autonomy, and the ability to experiment with no fear of making mistakes-When you hear from your leaders and colleagues, 'I trust you and believe you will do the right thing.' you truly feel empowered.When you make a mistake you learn the lesson, turn the page and move on.

6. Recognition and Appreciation-Yourachievements and efforts(evenif youdo not hit the goal)are appreciated at Cisco as everything is a learning. We recognizeemployees and teams for strong performance, but also right behaviors that are defined by andareintegral part of Cisco culture.

7. Diversityand Inclusion.Someone once said,'Diversity is a fact,inclusion is a choice.'At Cisco weexperience both. Diversity brings a variety of perspectives, ways of thinking, knowledge and experience and all of these arevery welcomed and appreciated as we work toward empowering an inclusive future for all.

8. Fast-paced and dynamic environment-You will never be bored at Cisco!The world is changingfast, and tokeep up with thatpace,Ciscochanges quickly, too. We realize that with each new change, comes new opportunities.

9. Communication-Cisco is wonderful atkeeping employees updated on a regular basis. Fromdevelopments within the companyto our all employee check-ins where we're able to hear from medical experts and our leadership - we're always 'in the know'thanks to plentiful communication.

I now know that company culture defines the environment in which employees work, as well as how we best fit with thecompany. Thisdefines our job satisfactionand should not be neglected or an afterthought when selecting a company. Often, it may even be taken for granted, but I know I will forever value Cisco's cultureas I see how it impacts me individually, and our company as a whole.

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