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07/29/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 07/29/2021 05:48

Eircodes Public Awareness Surveys

Since the launch of Eircodes in July 2015, their usage, as part of an address, continues to grow and is used widely among the public, businesses and public sector.

Independent research by Amárach in 2020 showed 93.3% of respondents were able to supply a correct and verified Eircode for their address, and 73% know their Eircode by memory.

The survey was undertaken to determine, in year seven of the Eircode program, that at least 80% of the general public knows the Eircode for their address, as part of the Eircode contract.

Research carried out in 2017 by Amárach showed 84% of respondents were able to supply a validated Eircode for their address.

2015 2017 2020
Awareness Target 60% 70% 80%
Independent Survey Result 89% 84% 93.3%
Know Eircode by memory n/a 15% 73%

Amárach 2020 National Awareness Survey


Amárach 2017 National Awareness Survey