Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

01/21/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 01/21/2021 09:01

The patrol ship 'Pytlivyi' of the Black Sea Fleet went to sea for an exercise with the anti-ship complexes 'Bal' and 'Bastion'

21.01.2021 (14:07)

The patrol boat (PB) 'Pytlivyi' of the Black Sea Fleet (BSF) left the base point at sea to conduct a joint exercise with the coastal anti-ship missile systems 'Bal' and 'Bastion' from the missile and artillery formation of the BSF.

Before going to sea, the crew of the ship conducted training on emergency preparation of the ship for battle and campaign.

PB 'Pytlivyi' makes a transition to the designated area in the Black Sea to practice a complex of ship exercises with the performance of tasks for conducting a conditional sea battle by a single ship, as well as for mine and air defence.

In one of the naval training grounds, the crew of the patrol ship will conduct a joint exercise with the crews of the 'Bal' and 'Bastion', during which it will perform the role of a mock enemy ship.

The ship performs its intended tasks in accordance with the combat training plan of the Black Sea Fleet.