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Critical features for running regulated workloads in the cloud

So, what features are critical for successfully running regulated workloads in the cloud?

Here are the six categories we recommend evaluating:

  1. Security and trust: Are there security and trust across the entire environment, with policies and controls that enable continuous compliance?
  2. Flexibility: Is there flexibility to adjust quickly and easily when regulatory requirements change across industries and geographies? Can you scale up across new cloud locations and expand into new markets and still meet regulations?
  3. Control: Do you retain complete control of data, encryption, security, intellectual property and mission-critical systems?
  4. Hybrid environments: Are there portability and consistency across private and public environments? Can you run both classic virtualized workloads and containerized applications side by side?
  5. Ecosystem partners: Is there a supporting ecosystem that includes independent software vendors (ISVs) and SaaS providers for services you are looking, such as disaster recovery and high availability?
  6. Governance: Who is driving the governance and change management?

IBM Cloud for VMware Regulated Workloads

With financial institutions, insurance and regulated industries in mind, we have built IBM Cloud for VMware Regulated Workloads to deliver the flexibility and efficiency of public cloud, but with the added security measures that regulated industries need. Among the highlights are a highly available infrastructure for speed and convenience, integrated role-based access controls, the ability to securely modernize legacy applications and continuous workload compliance monitoring. All of this is standardized, compliance-ready and automated.

Migrating regulated workloads to the cloud can be complex, but we can help. To learn more about migrating regulated workloads to the cloud with security, compliance and confidence, read our whitepaper: "Migrating Regulated Workloads to the Cloud".

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