Nine Energy Service Inc.

08/17/2021 | Press release | Archived content

Nine Energy Service Announces The Addition of New Electric Wireline Unit

HOUSTON, TEXAS August 18, 2021 - Nine Energy Service, Inc. (NYSE: NINE) has introduced an electric wireline unit that delivers a multitude of advantages over common wireline methods. Nine's unit is powered by an advanced lithium-ion battery pack. It delivers four times the power of traditional wireline trucks while cutting emissions significantly, which allows operators to run efficiently and reliably while reducing their carbon footprint.

"At Nine, we are committed to providing lower GHG emissions completions options for our customers to enable them to reduce their scope 1 and 2 emissions," said Ann Fox, Nine's President and Chief Executive Officer. "ESG is a focus for Nine, and we will continue to dedicate resources to these initiatives."

The e-wireline unit has triple-redundant recharging capabilities to ensure wireline activities remain on track. Manual joysticks and brake, along with a remote dashboard provide reliable and robust unit and data control. The electric platform also eliminates problematic hydraulics that can cause non-productive time (NPT) during the well completion phase.

Other benefits of Nine's new e-wireline unit include a much quieter and safer worksite. The power source no longer comes from loud truck engines. Plus, the reaction time during pump down is faster than traditional units, reducing both the amount of water used for the procedure and the number of crew needed.

"We are extremely excited to be able to offer our customers an electric wireline option that in no way impedes efficiencies," said Bruce Morgan, President of Wireline. "Our team is confident this new technology will help our customers run reliable and clean wireline operations."