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11/24/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 11/24/2020 20:33

Amador COVID-19 Update

Amador COVID-19 Update

Amador County Public Health confirms fifty-one new cases of COVID-19 in Amador since last Tuesday's update. The new cases include 17 males and 34 females, 3 children under the age of 18, 20 aged 18-49, 13 aged 50-64, 15 over 65 years of age; 18 residing in Ione, 5 living in Jackson, 3 living in Pine Grove, 3 in Pioneer, 5 in Plymouth/surrounding areas, 16 residing in Sutter Creek/Amador City, and 1 in Volcano. These cases are linked to transmission among extended family visits, household transmission, travel, small gatherings, and community transmission.

Today, Amador remains in the red tier on California's Blueprint for a Safer Economy. Businesses may reference the state's Activity and Business Tiers to view modifications within the red tier designation.

As cases of COVID-19 continue to increase, the safest way to celebrate Thanksgiving is at home with the people you live with. Gatherings with family and friends who do not live with you can increase the chances of spreading COVID-19 or the flu.

COVID-19 testing is available in Amador County and within driving distance in neighboring counties. Visit the Amador County Where Can I Get Tested website to view multiple testing options for Amador residents. Our community should keep in mind that a negative test only tells you what is in your body that day, not days later when you may visit with other family members. Travel may increase your chance of getting and spreading COVID-19. Postponing travel and staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others this holiday season. Individual actions affect our whole community.

It is important to consistently practice prevention measures that help limit the spread of COVID-19: wear face coverings, practice social distancing, and ensure good hand hygiene. Avoid mixing with others outside your household. Individuals may be contagious before symptoms of COVID-19 are present. Outdoors is safer than indoors. Persons over age 65 and those with chronic health conditions that put them at higher risk for severe COVID-19 are encouraged to stay home as much as possible. Avoid unnecessary travel. Stay home if you are sick even with mild symptoms. If you have been directed to isolate or quarantine, please follow all instructions.

Total cases in Amador to date = 445 cases.

Total hospitalized = 6 cases (3 locally and 3 out-of-county)

Total confirmed COVID-19 deaths = 15 deaths.

Total active cases = 73 cases.

Total cases released from isolation to date = 357 cases. Cases are released from isolation when they are no longer infectious.


Press Release: Amador COVID-19 Update 11.24.2020