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09/13/2017 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 09/13/2017 20:53

Hahn Votes For Taxpayers, Approves Budget Bill

State Rep. Marcia Hahn (R-Bushkill Township) today joined the majority of her colleagues in approving legislation that would fund the 2017-18 budget without the need for tax increases or borrowing. House Bill 453 now awaits approval by the state Senate before it can be sent to Gov. Tom Wolf for his signature into law.

Hahn issued the following statement after the vote:

'When the Senate sent us legislation that would have increased taxes on your electric and telephone bills and added two new taxes on natural gas consumption, the response from constituents was overwhelming. As stewards of your hard-earned dollars, we need to do better.

'The legislation we passed today puts taxpayers first. In addition to fully funding the 2017-18 budget, this bill would erase the structural deficit hanging over us from the 2016-17 budget. That fact is particularly important, because it would allow us to square our balance sheet and put us on better financial footing.

'House Bill 453 does not ask you to dig deeper into your wallet through tax hikes and does not place an added burden on future generations through irresponsible borrowing. It does ask the Legislature to do more with less, as it removes $20 million from our reserve accounts.

'This revenue package takes elements from proposals offered by the Senate, the governor, the House Appropriations Committee and the groups of legislators who recommended fund transfers. With the latter, it by no means accesses accounts to the extent that group suggested. Only accounts that are dormant or include excessive reserves of taxpayer money are part of this plan. Programs such as farmland preservation and volunteer firefighting are untouched.

'I hope my Senate colleagues act quickly on House Bill 453 and send it to the governor's desk.'

Representative Marcia Hahn
138th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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