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08/14/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 08/14/2019 08:20

Military pilots of four countries complete practical part of Aviadarts 2019 competition

14.08.2019 (13:12)

At Aviadarts 2019 international competition, the competitors completed all three stages - physical training, flight program, and combat use on ground targets.

At the final stage, participants for two days practiced missile launches, firing from aircraft guns, bombing and landing of cargoes for accuracy.

In case of hitting an appointed area, points are awarded depending on the distance from the target.

Aviadarts 2019 competition involves teams of the People's Republic of China, the Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan, and the Russian Federation. In total, the competition gathered 43 crews of fighter, bomber, assault, army, long-range and military transport aviation.

For reference:

Fighter jets: Su-35S, Su-30SM (Russian Federation), Su-30 (Republic of Kazakhstan), J-10 (People's Republic of China);

Bomber aviation: Su-34 (Russian Federation), JH-7A (People's Republic of China);

Assault aviation: Su-25 (Russian Federation), Yak-130 (Republic of Kazakhstan);

Long-range aviation: Tu-22M3 (Russian Federation), N-6K (People's Republic of China);

Military transport aviation: Il-76 (Russian Federation), Y-9 (People's Republic of China);

Army aviation(combat helicopters): Ka-52, Mi-28N (Russian Federation), Mi-24 (Republic of Belarus), Mi-35 (Republic of Kazakhstan);

Army aviation(transport helicopters): Mi-8 (Russian Federation), Mi-8 (Republic of Belarus), Mi-171 (People's Republic of China).