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10/16/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/16/2020 09:41

WATCH: DCCC Ad Highlights Clear Choice Between Gordon and Garbarino

While Gordon Was Serving Her Country, Garbarino Was Serving Special Interests

The DCCC announced today that it would begin airing its second ad in New York's Second Congressional District. 'Served,' which highlights the clear contrast between Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Jackie Gordon and Albany politician Andrew Garbarino, will air on New York City broadcast and cable. The ad follows the DCCC's first ad 'Another,' which exposed Garbarino's failed health care record.

The contrast between Gordon and Garbarino is clear. Lieutenant Colonel Gordon served in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Military Police Officer, protecting our nation. Andrew Garbarino served in Albany serving his donors and protecting his self-interests.

Garbarino pocketed tens of thousands of dollars from drug and insurance companies and voted to let them stop covering the costs of prescription drugs. He even voted against protecting Long Islanders with pre-existing conditions. He doubled down on those votes in last night's candidate forum saying he'd vote against that bill again.



DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett released this statement:

'Andrew Garbarino is a typical Albany politician looking out for his special interest donors first and Long Island families last. Lieutenant Colonel Gordon was overseas defending our country, Andrew Garbarino was hobnobbing with drug and insurance company big-wigs voting their way and pocketing their cash. The contrasts between Gordon and Garbarino couldn't be clearer. One candidate is looking out for us, the other is looking out for himself.'

For twenty seven years, Lt. Colonel Jackie Gordon served as a military police officer.
She was in combat in Afghanistan and Andrew Garbarino was in Albany serving the special interests.
Garbarino took tens of thousands from the drug and insurance companies and voted to let them stop covering the costs of prescription drugs and against protections for people with preexisting conditions.
We need leaders who will serve Long Island. But Andrew Garbarino only serves himself.