City of Beaumont, CA

01/10/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 01/10/2019 14:56

1-Million Sq. Ft Pavement Rehabilitation Project

City of Beaumont Plans 1-Million Sq. Ft Pavement Rehabilitation Project

Beaumont, Ca - The City of Beaumont is pleased to announce it has received nearly $300,000 in grant funding from the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) to implement a rubberized pavement project.

The project will feature approximately 29,950 tons of asphalt rubberized hot mix resulting in the rehabilitation of approximately 1-million square feet of pavement. Rubberized asphalt concrete is a proven durable material that reduces rutting, fatigue and reflective cracking allowing for reduced maintenance demand and longer service life.

Beaumont Avenue from 6th Street to 13th Street will be the first area to receive treatment as part of the City's Annual Street Pavement Rehabilitation Program. In addition to rubberization treatment, upgrades will be made to ADA ramps as needed. The project will be supplemented with Measure A funds, Riverside County's half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements.

Beaumont will also make upgrades to the northern limits of the City with a slurry seal treatment. The project will be funded by SB1 (gas tax) funds. Both roadway improvement projects are expected to begin by Fall 2019.