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06/30/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 06/29/2020 20:02

First application of new port simulation debugging platform to shorten debugging period on site

It was an idle period for the debugging for the equipment on the shipping in the past. To make use of such period, ZPMC Smart Group made the overall simulation test and trial operation on ACCS system of 4 automatic STSs on the shipping to Israel Haifa Port for the first time, making sure the continuous and steady debugging and improving the debugging efficiency on the user's site as well.
It was the test platform developed by ZPMC on the basis of SIMIT software. The test platform established the STSs engineering configurations and connected with the programmable simulation controller. The platform also developed standard functions on actual working conditions of STSs, including the spreader swinging, position control, obstacle avoidance and OPC third party ports. It also expanded the port modules for related functions. The operation simulation on the real program in the virtual environment was made after a series of development.
This test was made by TOS development team and the final users, making sure the applicability, function and operability of the platform. ACCS system was connected with the real TOS on the site by the test. The 5 test versions have been updated at present and 3 versions with new functions have been submitted to the user in accordance with the trial operation requirements.
The debuggers, with the test platform, can make early test on the configurations and find most problems before the trial operation on the site in time, thus, shortening the time for the trial operation on the site and reducing the debugging costs and period. The test platform will be promoted in the sequent port machinery project.