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06/05/2019 | Press release | Archived content

Mayor Barlow announces grant funding to replace East Seneca Street Bridge in Oswego

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Mayor Billy Barlow announced today the City of Oswego has secured grant funding from New York State to replace the East Seneca Street Bridge in the City of Oswego. The funding is provided by the Five Year Capital Program Update Call for New Local Projects by the New York State Department of Transportation for 2019-2024. In February of 2019, Mayor Barlow and the Office of Economic Development submitted the City of Oswego's application to replace the East Seneca Street Bridge, a project totaling an estimated $3.538 million. The grant funding would cover approximately 80% of the total project cost with the City of Oswego being responsible for funding the balance of the total cost.

'During the last three years, my administration has spent a considerable amount of time and energy finding and allocating resources to recover our City's infrastructure, including our water pipes, sewer mains, paving our streets and tending to our municipal buildings,' Mayor Barlow said. 'Securing funding to repair and replace the East Seneca Street Bridge allows us to replace this bridge before it becomes a major safety concern and allows us to continue allocating the proper resources to other projects and address our other infrastructure concerns. I'm proud of our Economic Development Office as the funding for this project adds to the approximately $20 million in grant funding we've already secured in the last three years,' Barlow said.

Linda DeMassi, City Councilor for the 2nd Ward, said the East Seneca Street Bridge is a very well-traveled bridge in the 2nd Ward that handles large trucks and heavy loads due to the travel routes to places like Exelon and Novelis around Oswego. 'I appreciate Mayor Barlow paying attention to the pressing issues in the 2ndWard like the East Seneca Street Bridge and the work of our economic development team for securing this funding. The condition of the East Seneca Street Bridge has been a major concern for many 2nd Ward residents and I'm proud to have supported our efforts to secure funding ensuring the City has the resources to replace the bridge before it becomes an emergency situation,' DeMassi said.

The 4-span bridge on East Seneca Street was built in 1978 and has varying degree of deterioration. The objective of the bridge rehabilitation project is to replace the superstructure and provide drainage improvements. The grant allows for construction to start in 2022 with completion required by 2024. Prior to 2022 the City will oversee the design of the new structure.