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Construction Contracts FY2020

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The requisite justification memo for all contracts identified below as sole-source contracts is included in the PDF document for each contract. It is available for viewing by clicking on the Contract Number for the desired project.

To comply with the requirements of Proposition A and the San Diego Sunshine Act, the contracts listed here are being made available to help ensure that the public has access to government information and policymaking information. These resources provide, in a searchable format, the text of all construction project contracts entered into by the City valued at more than $25,000.

To view a contract, click on the Contract Number for the desired project.

K-20-1923-EMR-3 Crest Canyon Emergency Park SD Replace 6/24/20 $12,000,000.00 Burtech Pipeline Inc. N/A Taylor Cox
K-20-1925-SLS-1 Revegetation, Maintenance, and Monitoring for 4196 Rochester RD 6/24/20 $107,000.00 Dudek N/A Ron McMinn
K-20-1824-DBB-3-A Sewer and AC Water Crown Point West 6/12/20 $26,800,600.00 S.C. Valley Engineering, Inc. 5 Taylor Cox
K-20-1839-DBB-3 San Diego Mission Rd w/o Fairmont Sidewalk 6/12/20 $435,422.68 Miramar General Engineering 8 Ron McMinn
K-20-1898-DBB-3 Pipeline Rehabilitation AX-1 6/12/20 $2,833,219.00 Southwest Pipeline and Trenchless Corp. 2 Ron McMinn
K-20-1928-EMR-3 Sewer Pump Station 23T Emergency Repair 6/11/20 $1,200,000.00 Flatiron West, Inc. N/A Taylor Cox
K-20-1904-DBB-3 Water Group 970CI 6/10/20 $5,625,000.00 PK Mechanical Systems 6 Taylor Cox
K-20-1844-MAC-3 AC Water and Sewer Group 1053 (Task 2) 6/9/20 $12,945,250.00 TC Construction Company, Inc. 5 Celina Suarez
K-20-1913-DBB-3 Remaining Small Diameter CI Water PH 3 6/9/20` $3,644,680.00 Burtech Pipeline Incorporated 4 Juan E. Espindola
K-20-1917-DBB-3 Miramar Rd Interstate 805 Easterly RampsMiramar Rd Interstate 805 Easterly Ramps 6/5/20 $1,194,190.00 Hazard Construction Company 7 Rosa Riego
K-20-1907-DBB-3 Remaining Small Diameter CI Water PH 2 6/4/20 $5,457,505.56 Ortiz Corporation 5 Taylor Cox
K-20-1853-DBB-3-A Gamma Street Mini-Park ADA Improvements 5/29/20 $819,090.00 Fordyce Construction, Inc. 7 Celina Suare z
K-20-1924-SLS-1 Sole-Source Construction Services for 101 Ash Bldg. Fire/Life-Safety Systems Troubleshooting 5/29/20 $106,554.00 Jackson and Blanc, Inc. 1 Rosa Riego
K-20-1890-DBB-3 Sewer and AC Water Group 765 5/29/20 $4,866,026.40 Ortiz Corporation 5 Taylor Cox
K-20-1865-MAC-3 Rancho Penasquitos Improv 1 (MACC Task 1 of K-17-1518-MAC-3) 5/28/20 $5,835,800.00 TC Construction Company, Inc. 5 Brittany Friedenreich
K-20-1939-SLS-2 101 Ash Street - Asbestos Cleaning 5/27/20 $247,987.56 Janus Corporation N/A Rosa Riego
K-20-1937-EMR-1 Montgomery-Gibbs Taxiway Emergency 5/27/20 $180,000.00 Orion Construction Corporation N/A Celina Suarez
L-20-1851-DBB-2 Adams Ave & 49th St Splitter Islands 5/22/20 $228,854.00 Miramar General Engineering 6 Ron McMinn
K-20-1893-DBB-3 AC Water and Sewer Group 1023 5/20/20 $3,719,200.00 PK Mechanical Systems , Inc. 8 Ron McMinn
K-20-1906-DBB-3 Bay Ho Improv 2A 5/18/20 $3,317,041.50 Ortiz Corporation 8 Taylor Cox
K-20-1855-SLS-1-A Civic Center Complex Retro Commissioning 5/5/20 $228,000.00 Climatec, LLC N/A Ron McMinn
K-20-1815-DBB-3-A Balboa Park Bud Kearns Aquatic Complex Improvements 4/29/20 $2,248,888.00 Marcon Engineering, Inc. 4 Juan E. Espindola
K-20-1886-DBB-3 Sidewalk Replacement Group 1901 3/20/20 $888,151.50 Jerusalem Construction, Inc. 2 Ron McMinn
K-20-1918-EMR-3 Washington Street Bridge Over 6th Avenue Emergency Storm Drain Replacement 3/19/20 $1,250,000.00 Cass Arrieta Construction Company, Inc. N/A Ron McMinn
K-20-1874-DBB-3 Villa Monserate Neighborhood Park Upgrades 3/18/20 $887,184.00 R.E. Schultz Construction, Inc. 15 Celina Suarez
K-20-1852-MAC-3-C MACC Golf Course Improvement Projects 3/5/20 Wadsworth Golf Construction Co., Landscapes Unlimited, LLC, Duininck, Inc., Lexicon, Inc. 4 Brittany Friedenreich
K-20-1895-DBB-3 Loma Palisades SL Series Circuit Conv 3/3/20 $545,000.00 HMS Construction 4 Taylor Cox
K-20-1868-DBB-3 Pipeline Rehabilitation AR-1 2/25/20 $3,258,440.00 Southwest Pipeline and Trenchless Corp. 2 Taylor Cox
K-20-1717-DBB-3 Otay Mesa Truck Route Phase IV 2/24/20 $9,970,150.57 Hazard Construction Company 3 Taylor Cox
K-20-1866-DBB-3 Asphalt Resurfacing Group 1702 2/20/20 $10,844,715.0 Superior Ready Mix Concrete, L.P. 3 Antoinette Sanfilippo
K-20-1905-DBB-3 Slurry Seal Group 2022 2/13/20 $4,963,349.47 American Asphalt South, Inc. 2 Taylor Cox
K-20-1900-DBB-3 Street Resurfacing Mission Bay & Pacific Beach Pipeline South 2/11/20 $6,488,575.60 T.C. Construction Company, Inc. 3 Rosa Riego
K-20-1875-DBB-3 AC Water Group 1059 1/21/20 $3,112,384.60 T.C. Construction Company, Inc. 8 Antoinette Sanfilippo
K-20-1864-DBB-3 North Park Mini Park 2/11/20 $2,759,751.00 Fordyce Construction, Inc. 7 Juan E. Espindola
K-20-1878-JOC-3 Job Order Contract (JOC) Pipeline (North of I-8) 2/4/20 $20,000,000.00 Burtech Pipeline Incorporated 7 Celina Suarez
K-20-1912-EMR-3 Cozzens Street SD Emergency 1/24/20 $500,000.00 TC Construction Company, Inc. N/A Ron McMinn
K-20-1878-JOC-3 Job Order Contract (JOC) Pipeline (South of I-8) 2/4/20 $20,000,000.00 KTA Construction, Inc. 7 Celina Suarez
K-20-1838-DBB-3-A Pipeline Rehabilitation AV-1 1/30/20 $3,311,831.50 Burtech Pipeline, Inc. 2 Ron McMinn
K-20-1889-DBB-3 Slurry Seal Group 2021 1/7/20 $4,722,281.87 American Asphalt South, Inc. 2 Juan E. Espindola
K-20-1765-DBB-3 ADACA Crown Point Missing Walkways 1/7/20 $456,126.60 LC Paving & Sealing, Inc. 9 Ron McMinn
K-20-1709-DBB-3-A Alamo, Salvation, and 68th Street Basins LID Retrofits 12/2/19 $2,136,976.00 3-D Entertrprises, Inc. 7 Taylor Cox
K-20-1871-DBB-3 Sewer & AC Water Group 841 11/26/19 $2,759,693.36 Burtech Pipeline, Inc. 5 Celina Suarez
K-19-1832-DBB-3-A Otay 2nd Pipeline Phase I 11/22/19 $10,770,054.00 Cass Construction, Inc. 4 Ron McMinn
K-19-1847-DBB-3 Police Range Refurbishment Project Phase II 11/21/19 $10,998,313.00 West Coast General, Corp. 1 Antoinette Sanfilippo
K-20-1908-SLS-1 Coast Boulevard Sea Cave Emergency Project - Roof Soil Injection Stabilization 11/19/19 $163,774.79 Uretek USA, Inc. N/A Taylor Cox
K-20-1872-DBB-3 Slurry Seal Group 1925 11/15/19 $4,458,191.23 American Asphalt South, Inc. 3 Juan E. Espindola
K-19-1849-DBB-3 Downtown Complete Streets Implementation Phases 1A-1B-2A 11/12/19 $2,345,678.90 Dick Miller, Inc. 4 Spencer Deane
K-20-1833-DBB-3-A Otay 1st & 2nd Pipelines - West of Highland Ave 11/12/19 $20,178,901.64 El Cajon Grading and Engineering Co., Inc. 5 Ron McMinn
K-20-1863-DBB-3 AC Water & Sewer Group 1044 11/01/19 $2,596,500.00 Burtech Pipeline Incorporated 4 Spencer Deane
K-20-1884-DBB-3 Bonita Cove West Improvements 11/01/19 $3,331,480.00 Wier Construction Corp 4 Taylor Cox
K-20-1879-JOC-3 JOC Building Improvements - South 10/29/19 $4,500,000.00 Pub Construction, Inc. 7 Brittany Friedenreich
K-20-1879-JOC-3 JOC Building Improvements - North 10/23/19 $4,500,000.00 Ahrens Mechanical 7 Brittany Friedenreich
K-19-1778-DBB-3 Off/On FHWA System Bridge Rehabilitation 10/21/19 $2,037,037.00 Truesdell Corporation of California, Inc. 1 Ron McMinn
K-19-1789-DBB-3 Block 4Y UUP 10/21/19 $14,842,975 Teichert Energy & Utilities Group, Inc. 5 Taylor Cox
L-20-1881-JOC-2 JOC SLBE Electrical Systems 10/17/19 $500,000.00 CTE Inc. 5 Brittany Friedenreich
K-20-1899-SLS-1 101 Ash St. Building - Chilled Water Pipe Rehabilitation 10/10/19 $160,000.00 Specialized Pipe Technologies 1 Rosa Riego
K-19-1821-DBB-3 Montezuma/Mid-City Pipeline Phase 2 and 70th Alvarado to Saranac Sidewalk 10/10/19 $33,639,377.20 James W. Fowler Co. 4 Brittany Friedenreich
K-20-1883-EMR-3 Casa de Balboa Fire Alarm System 10/4/19 $1,100,000.00 Orion Construction Corporation N/A Ron McMinn
K-20-1894-EMR-3 Coast Blvd Sea Cave Emergency Stabilization Project 09/30/19 $3,500,000 Flatiron West, Inc. N/A Taylor Cox
K-20-1891-SLS-1 101 Ash Building - Access Points 09/30/19 $60,000 Jackson & Blanc 1 Rosa Riego
K-19-1812-DBB-3 Pipeline Rehabilitation AQ-1 09/30/19 $4,209,510.10 Southwest Pipeline and Trenchless Corp. 2 Celina Suarez
K-19-1738-DBB-3 Sidewalk Replacement Group 1604 09/20/19 $820,594.00 L.C. Paving & Sealing, Inc. 5 Antoinette Sanfilippo
K-19-1856-DBB-3 Slurry Seal Group 1924 09/04/19 $4,892,967.40 American Asphalt South, Inc. 2 Ron McMinn
K-20-1869-DBB-3 Construction of Father Joe Village Shelter 09/03/19 $600,696.00 Fordyce Construction, Inc. 2 Taylor Cox
L-19-1817-JOC-2 (JOC) SLBE TS19 Street Lighting/Traffic Signals 08/26/19 $500,000.00 Southwest Traffic Signal Service 4 Ron McMinn
K-19-1846-DBB-3 Hotel Circle CI & AC Accelerated Replacement 08/14/2019 $2,555,262.50 KTA Construction, Inc. 5 Taylor Cox
K-19-1835-EMR-3 Emergency Services for 6500 Montezuma Rd 08/13/2019 $5,500,000.00 J.R. Filanc Construction, Inc. 1 Antoinette Sanfilippo
K-19-1843-EMR-2 4196 Rochester Rd 08/12/2019 $900,000.00 Flatiron West, Inc. 1 Antoinette Sanfilippo
K-19-1808-DBB-3 Manzana Storm Drain and Water Replacement 08/08/2019 $1,142,752.00 KTA Construction, Inc. 8 Antoinette Sanfilippo
K-20-1845-EMR-3 Springhurst Storm Drain Replacement 07/23/2019 $1,000,000.00 Granite Construction Company N/A Taylor Cox
K-19-1776-DBB-3 Canyonside Community Park Improvements 07/16/2019 $1,041,250.00 JMJ Construction 7 Taylor Cox
K-19-1809-DBB-3 Ultraviolet Disinfection System Replacement 07/16/2019 $3,391,636.00 J.R. Filanc Construction Company 7 Antoinette Sanfilippo
K-19-1862-SLS-1 Milton Street Pavement Replacement 07/10/2019 $220,000.00 Ortiz Corporation N/A Ron McMinn
K-19-1800-JOC-3 JOC T19 Street Lighting/Traffic Signals 07/10/2019 $4,500,000.00 HMS Construction Inc. 4 Brittany Friedenreich
K-19-1836-EMR-3 7980 Park Village Rd SD Emergency 07/03/2019 $3,000,000.00 Orion Construction Corporation N/A Celina Suarez

Ashley Falls LG Scale Storm Flow Storage

07/09/2019 $761,567.00 Southland Paving, Inc. 5 Juan E. Espindola

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