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Keep your family safe with these cold weather tips

For Release: 01/06/2021

Prevent carbon monoxide dangers: The risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is greater during the winter months. Be prepared and stay safe by installing a carbon monoxide detector, checking heating vents for blockages and learning the symptoms of CO poisoning.

Prevent furnace issues: Have your furnace inspected by a qualified technician and clean or replace furnace filters as needed.

Keep meters and vents clear: Wipe away winter hazards by keeping meters and vents free from snow and ice. Clear away snow using your hands or a broom - never use a shovel or other sharp object. Remove icicles and snow hanging above the meter, and use caution when shoveling or using a snowblower near the meter.

Keep clutter away from furnace: Keep the area around the furnace and water heater free of clutter, and never store flammable liquids near those areas. Taking these steps can help reduce the risk of fire and damage to the furnace.

Oven safety: Never use a stove or oven to heat your home. Make sure the burner flame on your stove is blue. A yellow flame may indicate the need for an adjustment.

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