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06/24/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 06/24/2019 03:13

'Save the bees!' – We're making a flower meadow

Over 50 percent of bee species are threatened; over 50 percent have already disappeared! The cooperative students and trainees at Deutsche Telekom identified this problem and made a decision: We're going to take responsibility and show how easy, yet effective, it is for each of us to do something for species diversity.

Nearly 8,000 insect species in Germany are on the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation Red List. Insects aren't only important for pollinating our plants, but also serve as an important source of food for other animals in our environment. Their loss is leading to the threatened extinction of many other animal and plant species. Fish, frogs, lizards, and birds depend on them for food and need them to survive.

To help maintain our biological diversity, we decided to participate in Germany's 'Save the bees!' initiative. That's why Telekom Training in Regensburg developed the project 'Save the bees! - We're making a flower meadow' and seized the opportunity to create a beautiful home for bees and other insects on a green space around 433 m² in size.

To do so, Deutsche Telekom employees, together with trainees and cooperative students, pegged a grassy area and, after preparing the soil, sowed many different species of flowers. Everyone was invited to donate flower seeds and watering cans themselves, and even plant them. An invitation was extended, 'The perfect opportunity to demonstrate your 'green thumb',' and the day proved to be a successful start to the project. All helpers worked together as a team, with enthusiasm and interest.

We want to let our deeds speak for themselves and make an active contribution to species diversity. This project can serve as inspiration for everyone and shows how simple, yet effective, it is to do something for nature.

Responsibility is part of Deutsche Telekom's DNA. As a responsible employer and a responsible company, Deutsche Telekom supports its employees' initiatives and is committed to improving society and protecting the environment.We specifically initiate and support projects related to environmental protection, the climate, data protection and privacy and many others.