The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

05/11/2018 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 05/11/2018 03:42

Vladimir Kolokoltsev signed an Order awarding traffic police officers from the Novosibirsk Region with medals “For Courage for the Sake of Rescue”

'Vladimir Kolokoltsev took a decision to award officers of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the MIA of Russia Inter-Municipal Division 'Kargatsky', Police Senior Lieutenant Nikolay Chalpan and Police Lieutenant Aleksey Aleksandrov, with departmental medals 'For Courage for the sake of Rescue'.

The policemen, while out of hours, noticed black smoke that rose above one of the buildings on Komsomolskaya street in the city of Kargat. Running closer, they saw that the verandah and the roof of a wooden three-apartment house were burning. In one of the windows there could be seen frightened little children.

The police lieutenant smashed the glass, entered the smoky room and handed the 4-year-old girl and the 8-year-old boy to the colleague following him, and then helped their mother in getting out. Also, the inspectors rescued the dog, which was tied to the burning veranda.

A few minutes later, fire brigades and a medical team arrived at the scene. Thanks to competent and selfless actions of the police, no one was hurt.

The order awarding the distinguished officers who had shown the best professional and human qualities in an emergency situation was signed,' said the official representative of the MIA of Russia Irina Volk.