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08/13/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 08/13/2021 01:07

Attica Bank - Resolutions of the BoD for the issuance of warrants of Article 27A L.4172/2013

Attica Bank informs its investors, that the Board of Directors of August, 12th 2021 has decided unanimously, following the implementation of the activation of the provisions of article 27Α of Law 4172/2013 ('DTC') and the relevant articles of the Cabinet Act No. 28/06.07.221, the subsequent decisions:

  • The BoD has ascertained the formation of -according to the provisions of law- a special reserve, amounting to €151,854,439.86 and the collection of the aforementioned amount by the Greek State.
  • The BoD has decided the issuance, at 16.08.2021, of 992,512,679 free (without remuneration) warrants in favor of the Greek State in accounting form, so as to be delivered by ownership to the Greek State by crediting them to the Securities' Account preserved by the Greek State in the General Depository System.It is noted that following to the relevant provisions, the warrants will be offered through the right of redemption to the shareholders of the Bank, then will be admitted for trading on a regulated market for a short period and then will be automatically converted into common registered shares of the Bank with a proportion one warrant per one share.
  • The BoD has decided that, the existing shareholders have the right to redeem these warrants in proportion to their participation in the share capital on the date of the General Meeting of 07.07.2021 with a market value of €0.1530. The existing shareholders may exercise the redemption right and pay the relevant amount during the period from 31.08.2021 to 15.09.2021 while providing pre-emption rights for the acquisition within the abovementioned deadline of unallocated warrants at a redemption price to existing shareholders and third parties.

Attica Bank will inform its investors following a new corporate announcement with specific details concerning the progress of the aforementioned process.


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