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Gov’t Offers Incentives to Increase Number of Charging Stations

Gov't Offers Incentives to Increase Number of Charging Stations

Friday, 3 September 2021 - Dibaca 949 kali




NUMBER: 310.Pers/04/SJI/2021

Date: 3 September 2021

Gov't Offers Incentives to Increase Number of Charging Stations

The Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) is offering a number of incentives and licensing facilities to businesses and electric vehicle owners in an effort to develop the electric vehicle ecosystem through the provision of Public Charging Stations (SPKLU), said Director General of Electricty, Rida Mulyana, in workshop titled The Policy to Accelerate the Development of Electric Vehicles and the Potential for Pertamina's Support, held in Jakarta on Friday (3/9).

'The government gives a bulk tariff incentive of Rp714 per kWh to SPKLU businesses, while the sales tariff cap is Rp2,467 per kWh. So, the margin is quite large,' said Rida.

Additionally, the government offers a discount on installation cost and/or electricity subscription guarantee as well as exemption on the first two years minimum billing for SPKLU businesses that have a cooperation agreement with state electricity utility PT PLN (Persero).

'We've made the licensing even easier in EMR Ministerial Regulation Number 5 of 2021; previously, the determination of the business area of an SPKLU needs a recommendation by the regional government, now it is replaced with documents which prove the ownership of the SPKLU land or a cooperation agreement with the owner of the SPKLU land,' Rida said.

The SPKLU businesses must report their activities through an information system that is integrated with that of the Directorat General of Electricity. 'The information system will eventually make it easier for electric vehicle owners to look for SPKLU or battery swap stations (SPBKLU),' continued Rida.

The incentives are given to not only SPKLU businesses but also owners of electric vehicles. Director of Electricity Technique and Electricity, Wanhar, on the same occasion presented the stimuli that the government offers to speed up the use of battery electric vehicles (KBLBB).

Wanhar said that electric vehicle owners were offered special tariffs for power upgrade. For a 1-phase power, the tariff to upgrade power up to 11,000 VA is Rp150,000, while upgrading a 3-phase power to 16,500 VA costs Rp450,000.

'We also offer incentive for home charging, namely a 30% discount on electricity usage from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. The incentive is given to home charging that is connected to the PLN's grid,' added Wanhar.

The Indonesian government in its National Grand Energy Strategy has set a target of 572 SPKLU in 2021 and up to 31,859 in 2030. These stations are set up to cater for 4-wheel electric vehicles, estimated at around 2.2 million units by 2030. As of August 2021, there were 1,478 four-wheel, 188 three-wheel, and 7,526 two-wheel electric vehicles in Indonesia. (IY)

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